Sunday, 25 September 2011

Beer Collectibles, Antiques and Rarities

The world of beer collectibles is a fascinating little corner of the world that beer aficionados and lovers ought to know more about. Among the many collectibles you can find include beer bottles and cans, beer posters from past eras, openers and, of course, beer steins. With almost any of these products there are antiques and rarities that can provide a fascinating window into history.  

Beer bottles and beer cans Beer bottles have changed continually over the years. “Stubbies” are considered very collectible by many but there are also a variety of other sizes and styles of beer bottles. In antique beer bottles, you may find country painted beer bottles, large and small bottles, as well as vintage collectible bottles. In the store at, we have even seen Three Stooges beer bottles (nyuck, nyuck!) Similarly, numerous changes to the beer canning process over the years have left some vintage beer cans in their wake. Some oddball but still very cool collectible beer cans include cone top beer cans and flat top cans. We have seen many beer can collections come through our store containing hundreds of unopened beer cans from America’s – and the world’s – brewing past. Beer posters Many people are rightly fascinated by beer posters and advertising from the past. Many of these posters contain culturally antiquated ideas (including racism and sexism, of course) and you can find many beer poster advertisements that have been well preserved and make excellent conversation pieces for your home or commercial bar. Some of the most famous beer posters are from the prohibition and pre-prohibition eras. Openers Beer openers also have a fascinating and varied past, including many flat figural bottle openers with a wide variety of designs and mbossing. The online bottle openers collectors club called Just For Openers has over 250 members worldwide. Beer Steins While beer steins are made all over the world in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, the most collectible are the original German lidded beer steins, the older the better. The earliest beer steins came into use sometime in the fifteenth or sixteenth centuries and any beer stein made before the twentieth century is highly covetable. The website features a constantly changing inventory of fascinating beer collectibles from throughout the ages of brewing and manufacturing. Search through a wide selection of beer antiques, including vintage beer posters, German beer steins, beer cans, bottles and much more.

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