Friday, 30 September 2011

Current Affairs – Important part of our day to day lives

Current affairs mean the recent activities that have taken place on a global level. They can range from a small business deal to an international terrorist attack. One might wonder why is it important to know about something that is not happening in my environment. There is a simple answer to this question, because we all are inter-connected in some way or the other. The news, which we might think as a trivial issue can have a much larger impact, like any small event in 2011, might have larger consequences in 2012. Current affairs are broadcasted in every country /state/district etc in every language, be it English or Hindi. Globalization has played a major role in increasing the use and impact of current affairs. Since all the countries have become much closer and are knitted together in one way or the other, the inhabitants of respective countries are inquisitive to know about the happening in their neighboring countries. The market and industries are not limited to the periphery of any particular country; the whole idea of international market has grown with time. So if one country is adversely affected to due any reason, the market of countries it deals with gets affected. For example: one of the most tragic and shocking current news of 2011, was the earthquake that hit Japan, it not only ruined the country completely but had severe impacts in almost all the countries dealing with it, including India. The role of the press and media plays an important part in this process. We get information regarding the current events in other parts of the world through this medium. There has been a dynamic advancement in technology, which has made it information accessible to the common mass and even to the most remote areas of the countries. In India, for example, where there is large amount of poverty-stricken people, most of them being illiterate cannot have access to television; current affairs are accessible to them through Hindi newspapers. Even news channels focus provide news in Hindi, as it is our mother language and most people in India are comfortable with this language.current affairs are an important part of our day-to-day lives, be it a gossip about a film star who re-married in 2011, or a business deal that has improved the condition of our country. Be it in English or in Hindi, it serves the purpose of spreading awareness and education amongst the common mass.

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