Monday, 26 September 2011

Football Management Who wants it

In a week where the football management merry go round continues to turn who would bet on the next twist and turn. First let me tell you where I am coming from. Well I have enjoyed (and still do) playing footy for around 35 years. I have witnessed firsthand the good, bad and darn ugly, football managers, both professional and amateur. In the amateur game one thread a lot (not all) of managers have in common is the need to get their son`s into the team on a regular basis. Best bet to assure this is to pick the team.

However most good managers do have certain things in common. First, they gain the respect of their players. Then they lose this respect the moment they drop said player. Next they have an eye for spotting a good footballer. Only problem you can Bet your bottom dollar the player doesn`t want to play for said manager. This is where good managers come into their own. They are very good persuaders. By this I mean they agree a meeting usually held at a casino or betting shop and agree very lucrative terms for both parties. Deals are signed, brown envelopes swapped and car keys handed over. Job done. Another good trait in a top football manager is how they encourage the youth policy within the club. By this they encourage youth players all the way. They get involved in the youth training sessions and introduce youth into the first team at any given opportunity. Good managers always pick a great No 2. That way the manager can spend more time at the casino and the club doesn`t go tits up. They never get too close to players because sooner or later the manager is going to shaft the player or vice versa. Managers to succeed must have genuine links with the fans. The best way to do this is to spend time with them usually or should I say preferably in the bar , Casino , bookies, etc….. Knowing when to get rid is vital. Players passed their best are like chips without fish….. not very good. Finally to be a great manager you must realise fans have the final say. They wager their hard earned cash online in the hope their team, their manager, their club is going to pay for their Saturday night out. Kenny Dalgliesh beware…… Please Note: this is only for fun Alex Ferguson please don`t take offence. is a web blog designed to help new players find there way around the maze of online gaming. I have been researching online casinos to find sites that are tusted, fun and fair.

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