Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How Social Networking can Grow Your Online Business

Facebook, MySpace, and Linked In are the current leaders in the online social networking space, in no specific order. Although each presents and targets very different audience and different types of networking objectives

Social networking marketing is no different than what used to be called relationship marketing. However; online social relationship network is lot bigger than practical ones.

The social networking sites sell ads and commercial message display when users tell their friends about a particular products or brands they like. And also it carries ad messages from the companies that sell them. In a sense its goes beyond imagination that how much successful promotion it can offer when millions of users of these networking sites send such promotional message with each of their conversation. The networking services has now transformed themselves from a tool for individuals to keep in touch with friends to a very effective means for creating a brand value for the marketers and organizations for their products and services.

Most of the social network sites however have their strict regulation and few of them still do not wish to sell through the community, but it’s easy to formulate a marketing strategy within the working terms of the site and generating traffic to a desired ecommerce web site.
The platform provided by the social networking sites and the ever lasting addition in the group and member base, made them viable means to get exposure for brands, product or website. The number of members is so high that anything can be marketed online in these sites and a guaranteed target audience would be found.

While use of these sites by people in big business is still limited, as a matter of fact, the members network socially to date, to share hobby-related matters etc; still one can find audience for whatever purpose. Evidences are there to support the claim that one can find any type of audience. Some of the online social network members can be important links to a new business contact or powerful professional, entrepreneurs of smaller companies, for whom each new personal connection can bring a significant change in their business.

Some of the stalwarts in the domain remain pessimistic about whether a social networking site can play any role in the growth of an online business; some believe that the environment these sites provide is a comprehensive medium to market and sell for an online business.

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