Monday, 26 September 2011

Exercise Equipment Leasing

Exercise equipment is a depreciating as well as expensive equipment. Hence, exercise equipment leasing is regarded as one of the best options for those who want to set a home gym or commercial gym, but cannot afford the high cost of exercise equipments. With this type of leasing, the user is not stuck with old or obsolete equipments. Leasing allows easy access to specialized as well as sophisticated technology without any significant cash outlay. It also offers flexibility to upgrade facilities, apart from benefits like 100% financing and cash flow enhancement. The other benefit of exercise equipment leasing is tax benefits.A variety of lease programs are available for exercise equipments, like fair market value leases, one dollar buy out, and 10% contract. Fair market value provides three options for the buyers at the end of the lease – return the equipment, renew the lease contract, or buy equipment for the fair market value. A scheme in which users are given the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease is “one-dollar buy-out”. However, in this case, monthly payments are higher than that of the FMV. When 10% contract is chosen, users can purchase the equipment for 10% of its original cost.Several terms can be chosen for leasing exercise equipment, such as 24-, 36-, 48- or 60-month term agreements. However, it is always advisable to lease exercise equipment of top brand names like Cybex, LifeFitness, Nautilus, Precor, Stairmaster, Star Trac, and Schwinn.Some of the leading names in leasing service are Dynabody Fitness Equipment, Body Quest Exercise Equipment Store, Bodytech Fitness Equipment, Hoist Fitness, Exercare, and USA Fitness Direct. They make available all types of exercise equipments including free weights, exercise benches, aerobics equipments, universal gyms, mats and specialized training equipment. Most of them offer leasing services for both commercial as well as home purposes. There are also companies offering new and used commercial and home gym equipment.

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