Sunday, 20 November 2011

Heroin addiction

Heroin Addiction

affects many, and is difficult to overcome. It ignores cultural and geographical lines, and users have different reasons for taking it. Addiction to heroin can occur swiftly, and once addicted it can have devastating physical and psychological effects. I will also basically control every waking moment of your day. Be that from thinking about finding ways and means to get one more or craving it. At this point I would not hesitate to say that the person in question has a full blown heroin addicton.

Addiction to heroin occurs in every demographic, in many countries across the globe. Whether it is Rock Stars, businessmen, the super wealthy, or the homeless heroin finds a home amongst them. From the United States to China, and South Africa to Russia, it can be found on the streets. Heroin’s use has spread, and continues to grow larger; in fact it has caught on with our youth many of them have started smoking it or as they are fond of referring to as chasing the dragon. Many of them end up with a heroin addiction by following what their older youth are doing.

Users of heroin take it initially for varying reasons. Some use it in place of prescription pain medicines because they cannot afford the expenses any long, while others use it for depression, or any number of other reasons. There are also those that take it for recreational purposes initially.

Regardless of the reason for taking it, users feel the strong addictive effects quickly. Heroin users can become addicted after only a few uses. Many are surprised to discover they are addicted, and by then it is long after the simple solution of just giving it up is an option. Addicts are great at disguising their addiction too although they will have tells if you know what you are looking for.

Once addiction sets in, it is extremely difficult to give up heroin. This drug is very potent in its addictive ability. It is nearly impossible to give up heroin without professional help and a heroin detox once one is addicted. Heroin withdrawal can cause severe physical and mental pain, and in extreme cases death. It takes a specialized program to end heroin dependency, and at times even that does not work.

Heroin dependency is a very debilitating condition. Not only is heroin a difficult drug to give up, but the damage it does to its users is substantial. Those addicted to heroin tend to care only about feeding their addiction. They end up losing their jobs, families, and everything in their lives that mattered to them. The drug effectively replaces everything.

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