Thursday, 24 November 2011

How to Send a Fax From Home

If you have been wondering “how to send a fax from home” then there basically are two ways. If you are starting a home business then faxing may be an essential part of your daily routine. Most new computers come with built in fax programs, or an easier way is to purchase an all-in-one printer that will work with your computer. Here are ways to send faxes from home.From your word processing program- Many people probably never have considered faxing from a word processing program such as Microsoft© Word or others. Follow these steps to send your first fax.First open the document that you want to fax. From the upper left hand corner click on File, and select print.
Next you will see print options, select print to fax and a new window will open.
Next you will see a place to enter the fax number of the person you are sending the fax to, enter the number.
You may be asked if you want to send a cover sheet also, check this option if sending a cover sheet.
Next, click fax now or you may be offered to send a delayed fax. Sending a delayed fax might be useful if a certain person is only available at a certain time of the day.
You may hear the modem dial if using a fax modem or if strictly a digital connection only a message stating the status of your fax.There are many software programs available for download that offer free trials and after the free trial charge a monthly rate. This might be a good option if you are sending many faxes per month.Faxing from an all-in-one printer- Many printers of the all-in-one variety contain a printer, scanner, copier, and a fax machine. Using the fax machine office is a good option if faxing multiple documents. Follow these steps to use a fax machine from home.Make sure you have a phone line plugged into your fax machine. Make sure the phone line is clear and answering machine is off.
Select the fax option and enter the fax number of the person you are sending the fax to.
Either place papers to be faxed on the scanner or on the self feeder tray. Note: only one paper can be placed on the scanner. For this reason a self feeder is the best option.
Once all papers have scanned the fax machine will dial the number and connect to the other fax machine. It will start the send process until finished.If you are working from home or just wanting to send an occasional fax, knowing how to send a fax is essential. Print out these instructions and save for further reference. For more about work at home business, visit Work from Home Employment Opportunities.

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