Saturday, 19 November 2011

First Date Ideas From The Online Dating Team


So you’ve got that first date, your dating profile obviously works and the hard work is done……….. Unfortunately not! Despite being granted your date, you still need to make sure it’s one that your partner will enjoy and remember. Follow our tried and tested tips for dating and relax in the knowledge that you have a great first date planned:

Get to know your date – Though taking your date out to the cinema may seem like a good and safe choice for a first date, it is one you should avoid. The best and most important part of a first date is getting to know each other; something like going to the cinema will prevent this. You could spend hours with your date, not talking, and leaving knowing barely more about him or her than when you came. Take your date somewhere public where you will have time and feel comfortable to get to know your date. This is particular important if you have found each other via online dating, it’s essential to plan a date that allows you to get to know the person.


Phone date – It may not seem like the most exciting of first dates but a phone date can be a great idea, especially if you haven’t met your date before. With the increased popularity of online dating sites more and more people have first dates with someone they’ve never met. Speaking for a while on the phone can really help get to know your date, this can help make the first meet easier and less nerve racking, plus getting to know your date before hand will really help you design a perfect day for them.


Dare to be different – It’s tempting to go with a tried and tested idea for a first date, there’s nothing wrong with that but even if the date goes well it may not be the most memorable. By doing something unique and different you ensure that even if your date doesn’t go perfectly, your partner will certainly remember it and you. Of course, that also means you’re much more likely to be thinking of ideas for a second date! Something like a roller disco or air show will give you things to do and talk about, and allow you time to get to know one another.

Be yourself – Though this is very cliché, being yourself is perhaps the best thing you can do on your first date. You want your date to like you for yourself, and they want to like you too. No one wants to find out the person they’ve got to know is just an act or a lie, these things will only come back to haunt you. If you’ve met via an online dating service its even more important to let your date get to know the real you, so just relax and be yourself.


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