Saturday, 19 November 2011

Group Buying Sites What Do You Think

There is hardly any debate at all today when asked if group buying is affecting other small businesses. A big NO comes from the e-commerce insiders. In fact the current players in other businesses want to shift to the Group buying phenomenon. The viral spreading of this method is inviting more competition both among the dealers as well as the medium providers i.e. the site developers. Obviously the website is the most crucial factor for the group buy dealer and hence it has to be as dynamic and effective as possible to gain an edge over the rivals.  Of course his actual business has to be as effective as his website first.

I have assumed myself as a dealer who wants to start a Group buy site of his own and compete with giants such as the Groupon,, Livingsocial, Swarmjam etc. and the following would be the steps I suppose to walk in the right lane:

Step 1: Analysis of the existing famed group buy sites online and figuring out their uniqueness. Listing out the most utile features in these sites and noting down the commonness factors.

Step 2:   Now I would have got a better perception about the essentials of creating a group buy site.  Hence the next step is deciding what all features are really feasible and purely according to my conscience.

Step 3: Well moving on to the core step I am supposed to finalize whether I am going to develop my site from the scratch with codes or I am going to buy the clone script of a pioneer group buy site. Going for a clone script doesn’t mean I am a lazy guy. It means I am smart enough to understand the obvious advantages of clone script which saves time, money, manpower and effort.

Step 4: Okay now I am done with narrowing down to clone script. The next thing is to choose which developer to buy the clone script from. Livingsocial clone script, Groupon clone script etc. have become hot google searches today. There are numerous web developers competing hard to clone the pioneer group by sites and provide the script to potential clients. And where and how do I find a good clone script in this crowd of competitors? I have browsed extensively all the top deal sites. And I did buy a few in the deals too. With the extensive virtual experience of min, I could boldly believe that my choice would not be wrong. And hence I thought to go for Groupon. That is not all. There are numerous providers for Groupon clone currently. And in this crowd I have to rightly choose the best Groupon clone script.

Step 5: I figured out the top 7 criteria to keep in mind while selecting any clone script:

-          Customization facility

-          100% unencrypted source code

-          Attractive design and easy navigation features

-          Popular platform and framework

-          Additional unique features

-          Post sales support

-          Pricing

Step 6: Buying the most successful Groupon Clone script doesn’t mean that the struggle is not yet over.  After the launch of the site I got to acquire the best SEO services for site. Search Engine Optimization is an inevitable  factor today for any e-commerce site to become immediately Noticeable in search engines .

Step 7: Now I am in the big race. I got to run faster!

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