Saturday, 19 November 2011

How much do family law solicitors charge to complete a divorce

When talking about how much family law solicitor charge to complete a divorce, it is important to distinguish between obtaining a divorce and settling the associated financial and children issues. Obtaining a divorce is usually the relatively short and easy part of the divorce process. It is the related issues regarding finances and children that take time and this is where legal costs build up. If all you are looking at for the moment is to obtain a divorce, you will need to take into account two types of costs: your family solicitor’s fees and court fees. In the UK, the cost of filing a divorce at court is currently £340 plus document swearing fees. You will also have to pay a further £45 to apply for the decree absolute (the final confirmation of your divorce). If you are the respondent you will also have to pay fees to file your response. Some parties agree to share the costs of filing fees.

On top of these fees, if you are using a family law solicitor you will also need to pay your solicitors’ fees. Usually these fees will not be too high, as the work required is primarily preparing uncomplicated court documents. If the divorce is contested or if you have to resubmit information, these costs can increase. For undefended cases, a family law solicitor’s legal fees will usually be between £700 and £1,000, plus VAT. This price is exclusive of court fees. Be careful when you look at a quote to note whether the price quoted is inclusive or exclusive of court fees. For work beyond this, consider that a family law solicitor’s fees may range anywhere from £150-450+ per hour. Ask your family law solicitor for an estimate in your particular case. And, if any major changes occur in the course of the proceedings, such as the respondent defending the case, ask your solicitor for a revised estimate. These costs outlined do not cover any of the solicitor’s time of court fees in relation to financial and children issues. These costs are generally substantially higher than divorce costs. Speak to a family law solicitor for an estimate of what it may cost for your particular case. Richard Einerhann works for Contact Law, the UK’s foremost legal brokerage company – finding the right family solicitors or divorce solicitors for your needs.

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