Wednesday, 23 November 2011

How To Increase The Energy-Efficiency Of Heating Appliances

With a steep rise in the cost of electricity, there is a high demand for energy-efficient appliances today. You will be awestruck to know that a recent study has revealed that even with significant development in the area of energy efficiency, the world’s total energy demand is expected to be higher by 40 percent! You should therefore contribute your bit to save energy so that there will be fewer crises in the future.

Among the household appliances, consumption of electricity in heating and cooling devices is higher than the other devices and gadgets. Therefore, if you are willing to reduce your electricity consumption, start with making the HVAC system of your house energy-efficient, if they are otherwise not.

Generally, if you buy HVAC system from a reputed dealer, you will surely get energy-efficient appliances. However, there are certain practices that will help you to bring down the electricity consumption, and thereby, the electricity cost. To start with –

* Check the condition of the filters and ducts regularly. Dirty filters and congested ducts increase the resistance and therefore, the machine consumes more electricity.

* Keep the air conditioners and heaters at the right charge and airflow. Remember, that a heating and air conditioning appliance cannot work over certain amount of load. Reduce the size of the job the appliance has to make it work better.

* Clean the coils and the wirings from time to time. If you are not confident of doing the task yourself, contact the experts. They will also be able to guide you with advices and suggestions for proper maintenance of the appliances.

* Another thing that you can do is to check whether the outdoor condenser unit is in a congested place. If it is placed hidden from the sight or in a place shadowed by vegetation, the mechanism will receive obstructed air-flow. Leaves and other debris might also block the ducts, which will further increase the energy consumption. Therefore, place the system in an open area to ensure energy saving.

* If you are thinking of replacing the air conditioners make it a point to buy the new ones with SEER 13 or above. SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is a type of energy efficiency rating of the air conditioners and heating devices. Nevertheless, consider the cost of buying the heating and air conditioning appliances. Besides energy-efficient, it should also be cost-effective.

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