Saturday, 19 November 2011

How Office Ergonomics Can Help Both Employee and Employer

What Exactly Is Office Ergonomics?Office ergonomics is a discipline that involves adjusting theenvironment to fit the person in it. For example, secretaries who use ergonomic office equipment such as ergonomic office chairs, report far less work related injuries as opposed to those who sit in “regular” office chairs. When office ergonomics is in place, discomfort and injuries are greatly reduced. Why is Office Ergonomics Important? Office workers should be aware of the proper selection and use of office equipment. Most accidents occur in the form of slow-forming strains associated with poor body mechanics and repetitive motions. By applying office ergonomics correctly in the work environment, visual and musculoskeletal discomfort, fatigue and injury are reduced significantly.How Can I Benefit From Office Ergonomics?One of the most common employee injuries is from repetitive motion injuries. These injuries are caused by excessive and repeated physical stress on the musculoskeletal system such as the hands, wrists, elbow, shoulders, neck and back. For employees, this can cause physical problems; for employers it can cause financial loss for a company. By following ergonomic principles employees can reduce stress and eliminate many potential injuries and disorders.When an employer makes efforts to keep employees healthy the following are possible end results:Less expenses in having to replace employees who are out due to work related injuriesWorker’s compensation insurance fees are lower due to reduced work related injuriesWhen Should Office Ergonomics Be in Place?Most ergonomics experts recommend that office ergonomics be in place in all companies where their employees are involved in the following work related activities: Awkward body postures: bending, reaching or twisting for prolonged periods. Excessive repetition: repeating the same motions over and over again. Excessive force: physical exertion or pressure on any part of the body while lifting, pushing, pulling or gripping a tool. Contact stress: pressure by tools, edges or hard surfaces on soft tissues of the body. The palms and elbows are often at high risk. Vibration: repeatedly using vibrating or impact tools and equipment.Where Should Office Ergonomics be Placed?Modern offices have workstations full of supplies and furniture that can lead to injury if workplace ergonomics is not in place. The two most prominent areas involve the computer and office chair. Therefore, it is essential that computer ergonomics and ergonomic office chairs be in place in an office environment. Other areas are also vulnerable and should be assessed by an ergonomics assessment professional.Who Can Tell Me If My Work Environment Is Ergonomically Correct?An ergonomic assessment can and should be made by an office ergonomics professional. When looking for an office ergonomics professional please note that office ergonomics is different from general (industrial) ergonomics. Although the principles are the same, there are many subtle differences and products that it’s best to hire an ergonomics professional specializing in office ergonomics.

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