Sunday, 27 November 2011

How Reliable Is Business Voip For Large Enterprises

When you are a large enterprise, cost savings in voice calls does have a positive impact on your profitability but what is even more critical to consider, is having a reliable and clear telephone connection especially if you offer a lot of telephonic support to your customers. Many big businesses are making the move to VoIP networks but it has been slow in coming.

How does the internet phone service then compare to traditional phone services and what are the criteria that will make a large business decide in favor of VoIP phone services?

What an internet phone service brings to an enterprise
All businesses from small to large quote ease of management, extreme flexibility and reduced operational costs as the main reasons for moving over to a VoIP network. This kind of network makes it very simple to perform common administrative tasks like say adding new employees or managing employees that have moved. Earlier, if an employee changed his location even in the same building, either one would have to give him a new number, which would result in operational costs or he could continue with the old number but then the phone network would require physical changes. Since neither one of these options is attractive, many big businesses would hold off moving individuals or even entire workgroups. Now with the digital phone, the employee can continue with the same extension wherever his new location may be, and however distant. This provides big businesses that have multiple locations great flexibility in setting up temporary work groups or moving employees.

For large enterprises, other factors that lead them to consider the internet phone service are the factors of scalability and the advantages of converged networks. As one can imagine the number of wide area networks for a large firm can be huge and managing these many complex networks is never easy. A common network that offers both voice and data application through a converged network can help bring down both the number and the complexity of networks.

Of course, the icing on the cake for all these firms is the cost savings a digital phone can deliver for them in voice calls, regulatory costs and toll costs, especially if the firm has multiple locations.

Hurdles for enterprise level internet phone service

The reason why large enterprises are migrating to VoIP networks more gradually than the small and medium businesses is because there are certain problems peculiar to them. The first is the question of initial cost of implementing the new technology. As most businesses have already invested in some kind of telephony equipment already, they would like to be convinced that the internet phone service provides enough returns on the investment, before actually investing in one.

There are other aspects that matter more to big businesses, like reliability of service, quality of voice calls and security. Many organizations do not have the kind of infrastructure that will be needed to provide the same kind of service reliability and voice quality using the internet phone service. They will have to carry out major network upgrades for the digital phone to be a better alternative than the traditional phone system. Similar upgrades will have to be made for taking care of security concerns.

With such different factors in play for big businesses, many are adopting a policy of wait and watch to see when going in for a digital phone system is going to make more business sense.

Resource Box: Internet Phone Service for your business has some huge benefits over traditional phone services. Large enterprises are realizing the significant benefits that VoIP can offer over traditional phone services.

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