Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Homemade Baby Shower Favors Ideas

If you’re throwing a baby shower for a friend or loved one, you want to send guests home with a memorable party favor. You may find it particularly meaningful to create your own favors. Consider the following ideas:Candy jars: You can buy small plastic or glass jars at your local craft store. Then fill them with your favorite candy. You may wish to display pastel colors, especially pink or blue, or you can even choose colors that match your party decorations. M & M’s come in all colors and can be specially ordered with the baby or mother’s name on them. You may also wish to tie a colorful ribbon on the jar as a finishing touch. Your guests will appreciate this tasty homemade baby shower favor.Bookmarks: Choose a design that fits the theme of your shower. Popular ideas include teddy bears and old-fashioned strollers. Then cut colored paper in the shape of the design and write the date of the shower and name of the event on each shape. Laminate the bookmarks and tie a piece of colored string to the top of each one.Photo frames: Small wooden frames are available in bulk at many stores. Decorate them with paint, sparkles, and any designs you’d like. Baby stickers in the shape of footprints, rubber ducks, rattles, and others can be added to each one. You may even wish to put the guests’ names inside each one and use them as place settings. Including the date on each frame will ensure everyone remembers where they received this fun, reusable gift.Sachets: You have so many options when making sachets, from placing lavender in a tightly-woven organza bag to sewing and stuffing scented material into a cloth one. There are many tutorials online that will take you step by step through the process of creating your own sachets. For baby shower favors, be sure to start with some pretty, baby theme fabric.Boo Boo Bunnies: This is a handy homemade baby shower favor created from a washcloth and formed into the shape of a bunny. It’s purpose is to hold ice cubes for use as a cold compress. All you need are washcloths, rubber bands, and ribbon. For directions, search “how to make a boo boo bunny” online and you will find many sites that offer visual directions.Bath salts: Find a fun glass or plastic container. Jars, plastic martini glasses, and glass candle holders all work well. Fill the containers with bath salts and wrap with clear cellophane if your container does not have a top

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