Thursday, 3 November 2011

Easy to Use Banner Advertising

New marketing strategies may come and go but banner advertising has stood the test of time online. Other businesses are using the power of banner ads, aren’t you ready to take your share? In this article we will be looking into 3 powerful banner advertising tips that will help you better your campaign.The text that you enter on your banner ads is always short and straight to the punch, which is a good reason for using powerful words like free, powerful, amazing, easiest, etc so that you readers are pulled in towards them. It’s a fact that when your ad’s text contains these emotion provoking words, they tend to lead to action. A really important thing about your banner is the number of people that click through pass it. So when a customer comes to your banner ad and notices that it contains good graphics with power words blended all through it, this will make them want to stay and click through it. An important suggestion that you need to abide by is to ensure that your banner ads are not too heavy. The last thing that you do not want is for your customers to have to have for your slow loading banners. Your ads must be light and contain graphics that can load up at all online speeds. If you need to utilize any type of animation in your ads, make sure they do not take a long time to start.Although this might seem obvious, many banner advertisers use these things to get more customers. If you have to use them, don’t use as many graphics, which will quickly reduce the size. Once you understand the type of ad you are using, there will be no holding you back. But until this happens, you should test and tweak different banner ad sizes so that you know what you are getting.Last but not the least; keep your graphics simple and effective. Make sure your graphics are not loud and bright or they will not get favorable reactions. They should be appealing to your prospects, not forcing them to look and click. In the beginning of banner advertising online these bad ads got attention because they were still new – times have changed though. You will not be able to get the same, or even similar results, from these types of ads today. It’s important that you sit down and talk to your banner ad designer and specifically instruct them to create an ad that is sophisticated and at the same time simple. All in all, these tips have taught is that getting good results from your banner ads is all about constantly trying to make them better. There will be moments when your impressions and conversion clicks will fall, but just make a note of it and get better at it.

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