Sunday, 13 November 2011

Ever have a Crockpot cake

The crockpot is amazing device that every kitchen should have. Not only can it create wonderful soups, stews and hot main courses, but can be a great tool to create desserts. Easy and forget it are the basic concepts behind the crockpot cake.Mix your ingredients and cook on low for several hours…when you are ready, the cake is moist and delicious with no egg timers needed.There are many recipes out there to pick from when deciding what kind of cake you are in the mood for. From the basic favorites like chocolate or vanilla to banana cream upside down cake, the crockpot cake can be a delightful change from the oven variety.As the recession deepens, families are looking for more ways to stretch their dollar. a crockpot cake is one type of dish that can be inexpensive, different and full of good taste.Many wonder how the standard crockpot can bake a cake? When you think about it, the crockpot is essentially a convection oven that surrounds the batter in a uniform even based heat. Over time, the cake mixture coooks into a wonderful dessert that does not dry out since the cover maintains a moisture rich environment.

What ever recipe you choose, it is important to use non-stick cooking spray before adding the batter. This will ensure the cake can be removed easily when it is ready to come out of the pot. Some recipes require a cooling off period of an hour or two before attempting to remove the cake. Removing the ceramic dish from the heating stand may help to cool the cake faster.From to Chili to Gumbos, the crockpot is a versatile device that many people use for to create unique dishes with exotic flair. Crockpot cooking is one way families can save money and time by creating one-dish meals or even desserts like crockpot cakes.
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