Sunday, 6 November 2011

Expectation and The Law of Attraction

Why do some people have no problem when it comes to applying the law of attraction for maximum results. yet other people seem to consistently be caught up on the negative side of it and end up failing, and doing the same thing over and over again?Other than the essential aspects of clearly focusing on the things and circumstances that you would like to manifest into your life, and monitoring the way you feel, to be sure that you are sending out a positive, high vibrational frequency into the universe. One of the other keys to determining your success in applying the law of attraction is EXPECTATION! The law of attraction will respond to expectation in a much stronger way than it will respond to mere hope.The universe and the law of attraction always responds to your expectation or your expectancy point, there are absolutely no exceptions. It responds to the way that you feel combined with what you think about a situation, circumstance or event. So it is your expectations that are playing a key role in creating your future.The universe does not gauge what our expectations are and deliver us abundance through the words that are on our minds, it responds to our feelings about a given situation. While it is a good thing to expect the things that you focus on to manifest into your reality, it is best to not attach your expectation to the manifestation taking place in a very specific manner. Be as open as possible about how your manifestation will come to fruition. The universe will always respond, but a lot of the time it will respond in a different way to how you expect it to be delivered. Focus on what you want, feel good about it, and let the universe decide on the method of delivery.If for example you are wanting more money, don’t start thinking about specific amounts and how it should come to you. Leave the ball in the universe’s court and keep your focus and feelings in synchronization while you simply fix your expectancy point and allow it to manifest in the way that the universe wants to deliver.If you say “I will win the lottery next weekend” there is a chance that you could make this manifestation, as long as your subconscious supports that belief, and as long as you genuinely expect it to happen, and you feel great about it and fix your focus on it, absolutely nothing is impossible.If however you feel that maybe your subconscious has accumulated some negative beliefs regarding money throughout the journey of your life so far, then it would perhaps be more reasonable to use a goal such as “I am attracting money into my experience and it comes to me in a very joyful and exiting way” or finding an affirmation or visualization that resonates with you in regard to what you can say or visualize and actually expect to have manifest into your reality.A great manifesting method is to think about the things and circumstances that you would like, build a clear and detailed picture of it in your mind. Match emotions to the visualizations by feeling the effects of whatever it is that you are imagining as clearly as you can. Use affirmations with a clear and present word structure to cement it into your mind, and then expect it to happen. Don’t focus on the how, where, and when, just allow it to happen in the way that the universe See’s fit to deliver it to you. By using such a method you will find yourself walking a path that leads to you taking inspired action, and through those actions you will soon enough be living the life of your dreams, as long as you stay persistent with regards to your focus, feelings and expectancy point.Always remember, our universe is totally abundant and there is more than enough of everything for everyone, there is no shortage whatsoever. Try not to pay attention to the media and negativity that they draw you into. The media tends to focus on a small part of a very large picture, and on the whole, everything on our planet and in the universe is built on abundance. You are entitled and worthy to have anything that you desire, so get to it!

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