Thursday, 10 November 2011

Feng Shui And The Laws Of Attraction

The question I get the most from people interested in using Feng Shui for the first time is, “Does this really work?”. My answer is always the same: it only works as much as you believe in it. I truly believe that Feng Shui is only effective when the skeptical mind is removed first.



I’ve studied Feng Shui for well over a decade now, but recently I began looking at the Law Of Attraction; the practice of using your thoughts and feelings to attract the things you want in life. I remembered a close friend of mine mentioning a movie called The Secret but never really got around to watching it until a few months ago. What a life changer! I came across one person from a forum that I frequent and she posed an intriguing question: Does Feng Shui have a relation with the Law Of Attraction? I would like to think so.



Looking back at my past failures with using Feng Shui, I had an epiphany; it didn’t work because I didn’t want it to work. It sounds completely counter-intuitive, afterall, why would I use something that won’t help better my life? One important thing I learned from studying the Law Of Attraction is that you can only manifest things if you believe and let go of all doubt and worry. The former I managed to do quite easily, but it was the latter where I went wrong. I’ve seen it time and time again; people get excited about discovering an ancient science to promote and foster better energies. They buy all the books, take all the courses and do a Feng Shui makeover in their homes. Then they realize that nothing is happening. They get frustrated and proclaim that Feng Shui is a fraud.



Beyond determining which school of thought or method is better, Feng Shui can only work if you WILL it to work. Positive energies respond only to other positive energies. People often think of Feng Shui as harnessing and rearranging the chi under their roof but your mind is full of powerful energy as well. If anything, it is even MORE powerful then the chi that lives within a dwelling. This probably explains why people who have poor Feng Shui still find ways to succeed in life. I am not saying that we should completely forego Feng Shui, but we can combine both the Laws Of Attraction and Feng Shui together to maximize our potential.



Your home is important, but your mind is even greater when it comes to improving your life. The human mind holds a power  like no other and when used properly, life has limitless possibilities of prosperity and happiness. Scientific research has already shown that a positive and affirmative thought has much more power over negative thoughts. Feng Shui isn’t that different from the Law Of Attraction; you hold the belief that rearranging furniture or adding a new color scheme will create a better flow of energy and improve your life. You do all that and then sit back to relax and alleviate all feelings of worry. Your house then senses this feeling of positivity and unwavering faith and works together with the Universe to make everything come together and work.


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