Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Finches Are Social Birds

Finches, like most animals, are very social. Finch birds need the companionship of not only their owner, but even more importantly, other birds; preferably another bird of the same species. Keep in mind that in the wild, finches travel in flocks. Finches aren’t like parrots, you may become very close to your bird, and while he/she will enjoy your company, they probably will not bond with you.Finches prefer the company and will bond with other birds. So it is imperative that you do not purchase a single bird. Purchase your birds in pairs, a male and a female would be ideal. If you don’t plan to breed your birds, you can buy two birds of the same sex if you prefer.If you can, buy a healthy male and female finch so you can breed them if you want to later on. Your finches will readily breed if their living area is comfortable, clean, stress free, has good lighting, adequate heat and good solid nutritious seeds and live food items.A single finch is a lonely finch. If you buy a single finch the animal will become lonely, stressed and ill. Your bird will not display the beauty, activity and vibrancy that is so unique to finches. You will not be able to fully enjoy the company of this exotic bird because it is longing for the companionship of its own species.Most finches will thrive with other species of birds just to have someone to interact with. Try to house them with birds of similar size. Finches do wonderfully with other finches and soft-billed birds. Hook-billed birds tend to be a bit aggressive and can bully and possibly injure your finches so any hook-billed birds and finches should be housed separately.Providing your finches with companionship will enhance your bird’s living environment keeping them healthy, active and happy. Not to mention how much more joy you and your family will get from watching your birds socialize and interact with each other.So when considering purchasing finches for pets, keep in mind that you will need at least two birds to keep them happy and give them the social interaction they crave. This also means you must provide a living area large enough for two birds. Remember your birds need enough living space to be able to reach full flight so that they can get plenty of activity and burn up all that energy that they would naturally expend in the wild during hours long flights.Finches are wonderful, quirky little birds with pleasant personalities that make wonderful pets. If you have ever considered purchasing finches for pets, I would suggest that you pay a visit to a local breeder and find out about the wonders of owning natures little beauties.

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