Sunday, 6 November 2011

Fitness Programs Bicycling and Aerobics

Bicycling One of the ways by which you can improve cardiovascular resistance and training is through biking. You can include bicycling in your fitness programs by listing it in the cardio exercise for every week. Bicycling is not only considered as one of the best, easiest, and most popular forms of exercise, but you can also have much fun while doing it. Cycling appeals to those who want to work with speed and pace. The bike, the main equipment used in bicycling grants less impacts on the joints compared to the typical jogging and aerobics. You will also experience the outdoors which is a plus when doing any outdoor fitness program.

In cycling, you need not worry about investing on a good and sturdy bike to have your cardiovascular exercise. Most bikes can last up to a lifetime if proper maintenance and care is followed. Cycling is not only a way by which you can execute your fitness programs; a bike can also be used for other things, recreational or health-oriented. It provides excellent aerobic conditioning by strengthening the legs, targeting the quadriceps and toning of the muscles. Do an exercise routine with cycling as part of your fitness programs three to four times a week, for a period of at least 20 minutes. You will notice how your cardiovascular endurance will improve and the higher benefits it produces. Aerobic (or Cardio) Fitness Proper weight training will make one’s body strong but adding a dose of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise to your fitness programs will make it even better. Cardiovascular exercises elevate your heart rate over a sustained period of time to help the cardiovascular muscles and system endure physical activities without strain. Aerobic exercises are basic components in any form of fitness programs, including weight training. Doing aerobic exercises help decrease body fat levels, and together with weight training, it helps in toning and firming up the target muscles. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends aerobic exercise performed for a minimum of 20 minutes. It should be done at least three times a week, at 60% of the body’s maximum heart rate. The varying periods by which you perform aerobic exercises will contribute on your progress with a fitness program. Cardiovascular exercises help the body sustain physically demanding activities over time. You can choose from various sports and activities such as in-line skating, hiking, running, cycling, and walking. Before venturing on a new exercise designed to improve cardiovascular performance, be advised of how important knowing your heart rate is. Consult with your doctor and monitor your heart rate which defines your body’s reaction on various levels of exercises you will choose. This, in turn, helps in maximizing the efficiency of your fitness programs.

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