Thursday, 3 November 2011

ForeignTRADEX Now Offering Environmental Drilling Equipment From 150+ Mfgs.

Richmond, Virginia – ForeignTRADEX, publisher of multiple directories & guides for the manufacturing, technical, scientific & medical communities debuted Monday morning its newly revised, co-operative Directory of Drilling Machines & Equipment Manufacturers which according to the community features over 150 suppliers. According to officials of, the publication focuses on buyers and suppliers of various drills and drilling services throughout primarily but not limited to North American and Western Europe. Michael Allen, spokesman for the US-European trade portal said the company added dozens of manufacturers to its Drilling Equipment & Machines Directory along with numerous distributors offering a wide range of diamond offshore drilling, environmental, horizontal, core drilling, exploration & mining drills, oil field, specialized underground tunneling drills, deep hole, precision drilling and other machinery as well as bits, lubrication and drilling supply accessories. According to Allen, ForeignTRADEX offers drills for machining, woodworking, medical/dental, metal fabrication, construction, plastic machining, oil & gas, water well, mining, exploration and other industries.

-œThe user-friendly drilling machinery and equipment directory was created to help companies in a broad array of industries compare various types of drills from world recognized manufacturers of power drills such as Panasonic® , Black & Decker®, Makita®, Milwaukee®, Hitachi®, DeWalt®, Craftsman®, Bosch® and other brands,- said Allen. He added, -œAlthough traditional power drills are the primary item offered on the site it’s important to clarify the publication also offers an extensive selection of new and used drilling electrical discharge machining (EDMs), CNC horizontal & boring machines, tapping, deep hole and high speed drilling machinery as well as drill rigs & bits, automatic, bench-type, precision and CNC milling machines and other types of drills for virtually every application.- About ForeignTRADEX ForeignTRADEX is a US-European Industrial Trade Portal designed to connect American and European exporters and importers of industrial products. The site includes offerings for a broad variety of industrial supplies, equipment and machinery as well as manufacturing services from leading companies in the United States, Canada and Western Europe at This news release was distributed by,

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