Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Future of Computer Storage and Hard Drives

The recent growth of wide range of applications which depend on hard disk drives has forced the hard drive makers to think about creating new design and technology in the computer storage industry. At first, the main challenge was creating new technology. In recent times, as new consumer applications found value in hard drive storage, the challenge was in taking forward this technology. Going ahead, the main challenge is to modify the technology to fit more application needs as per the requirement of the consumer. Today, there are amazing varieties of hard drives, which come in the capacity from 1GB to 750GB and in physical size from 1 inch up to 4 inches. They could serve applications ranging from handheld music players to game consoles and home servers, digital video recorders, copiers and printers, PCs, notebook computers, network corporate data centers and more. Drives might feature SAS, SATA or fiber channel interfaces or external USB or fire wire connections and they offer amazing variety of speeds.

Consumer Electronic Storage In the fast growing consumer electronics market, the variety is greatest of all, with amazing varieties of drives offered for new applications from small handheld entertainment devices to television set top boxes. Storage has become vital in terms of consumer electronics devices, enabling these devices to support more applications and functions and to store more content. Today, hard drives are substituting flash memory in moveable music players and are also a feasible storage option for digital cameras. New applications for notebook computers, both at home and office are driving people crazy with great options to replace desktop computers. With the capacity and performance gap between notebook and desktop drives retreating, computer users are transitioning to notebook computers and technology is developing to house their needs. Computer storage and hard drives future is all about diversification. The explosion of a greater multiplicity of applications which use hard drives means that there would be more opportunities for solution providers who know storage. However, to make the most of these opportunities, the whole of the storage technology industry, solution providers and hard drive makers must know how to meet the future needs of the customers.

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