Friday, 4 November 2011

Future of Computers



by Mahmood Jalal Soomro


Either its Ultral Large Scale Integration or Artificial Intelligence the common computers we all know as personal computers will transform in near future into ubiquitous computers we will use…playing a large part in our daily life helping us in many ways…world is transforming into machine dependent world of tomorrow run by future computers or human like machines interacting closely with us with enhanced intelligence and accelerated power being metallic they will be more smarter and much faster then human beings of today…replicating the mathematical mind of human and playing AI games with us will be the substitutes of the coming generations..human being slow learners will be easily replaced by their micro-chip based substitutes helping humans in providing alternate manpower that will never get tired or complain or get sick.

Ultra Large Scale Integration & AI If we look at the world now then we see Japan being the country taking lead in AI & Robotics..providing machine alternate to human manpower as they are rapidly accelerating in this field and now Japan leads the world and they have the largest population of Robots in the world. So the time is not far when we will see human like machines commonly walking on roads working in offices, restaurants, hospitals etc. In USA NASA has used Robots for Space exploration and for repairing satellites in orbit using Robot Arms that are computer controlled by Astronauts in Space Shuttles or by Scientists on earth base station.

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