Sunday, 6 November 2011

Gas water heater energy efficiency of new national standard to define the threshold of the industry

Energy Become Gas Water Heater Market a new theme Following Refrigerator , Air conditioning After saving and environmental protection in turn related to the recent wind storm targeting a gas appliance industry. Bid farewell to the era of verticalSecurity Hidden gas industry into the new development with state?? Energy. Another day, the first gas water heater energy efficiency standards will be formally implemented. The new standards, the energy efficiency of gas water heater is divided into three levels, including a maximum energy efficiency, thermal efficiency value of not less than 96%; two values of thermal efficiency of not less than 88%; three values of thermal efficiency of not less than 84%, than the original requirement by 4 percentage points. Then, to meet the criteria of the products will be banned from sale.

Energy-efficient gas water heater look like?Energy efficiency standards, products are divided into three grades,Consumption Who in the future whether to buy a water heater energy efficiency standards for standards? Experts remind that the new energy efficiency standards for three energy-efficient thermal efficiency values only represent the future gas water heater market, the passing standard, up three thermal efficiency value can only get the entry permit, the real energy efficiency standards in two or more of the higher level.A gas water heater out of the shadow of potential safety problems, it rounds targeting the energy efficiency indicators of competition. Many brands are playing the energy flag. But consumer brand value of the thermal efficiency of their overall play in doubt, Mrs. Wang Selling what matters is not nothing new in the appliance industry. The product by the authoritative department of the thermal efficiency of the rigid rules and give oversight, consumers should be able to buy up more confidence.Insiders calculations for consumers to shower once per day to a family of three, for example, use of energy efficiency standards to a standard gas water heater can save 300 a year to 500 yuanNatural gas Costs. For countries, by July 1 the State to enforce the new standards, if the existing gas water heater by an average of 10% of the energy level, you can save 1.4 billion cubic meters per year of liquefied petroleum gas, 4.1 billion cubic meters natural gas, 82 billion cubic meters of artificial gas.New standards will lead to the changes the industry reshuffleAnd refrigerator, air conditioner energy efficiency standards than the standard gas water heater can be considered long overdue. As the only home appliance industry, water, electricity, gas and rolledElectrical , From the beginning of the security risks facing the pain of saving now hold high the banner shows a gas water heater has been out of the bottleneck of the development, pulled out a rapid rise in Yang Xian. At this time, new national standards introduced for those mustering strength to begin to exert a great brand is literally like the day to help. No doubt the new national standard for the industry to define a new threshold, willScrewdriver Shutting off the products manufacturers for the industry house in order.Have expressed support for major brands. “The new standards will improve the technological barriers, which many in the low-level manufacturers who will have an impact, but the real large-scale reshuffle of the change will be in March next year, which is officially on the paste efficiency gas water heaterTime, when consumers see at a glance which is the energy-saving products. “10 000 benzyl chloride and water heaters spokesman excitement palpable. Vantage Gas Appliance Shenzhen, Tang Yong, director of marketing for the flag is of” low energy consumption, high efficiency “to define the energy-efficient gas water heater, he thought for the brand in terms of line, the new national standard means more opportunities and share. but for many foreign brands, the face of such a campaign inner energy is barely disguised pleasure. can rate and other foreign brands that their product already reached the level of standards, new national standard The implementation can finally own efforts in energy saving figures on the table to show. I am an expert from, while we provides the quality product, such as China Food USB Flash Drive , Credit Card USB Drives, Leather USB Flash Disk,and more.

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