Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Getting Learning Disability Testing

If your child’s performance in his class is a cause of concern for you, a number of thoughts may clutter your mind. You may think, your child is not serious of his studies, may be he is concentrating in something else or may be he is he is not competent enough. Many books are available on the upbringing of children.While these books are worth looking at and giving the time to find out what it suggests, the answer to your question may always be not conclusive. It may be good idea to evaluate your child on possible learning disability. This would eliminate any other possibilities.Before taking your child for any disability evaluation, first thing to rule out is any problem with his vision and hearing. You might have checked his eyes and ears soon after his birth or may be few times when he was younger. But you never know, he might have developed a problem at a later stage and that could be the cause of his poor performance.If the child has difficulties in seeing or hearing, it quite obviously will affect his performance in the class. Once you have ruled out this possibility then only you should consider taking him for education deficiency evaluation. There could be a number of factors responsible for the trouble faced by your child in his educations. One of them is Dyslexia.People suffering from this disease read words or numbers backwards. Hence students struggle in reading and mathematics. The easiest reading or mathematic assignments becomes difficult for them. Many intelligent people, who were not diagnosed with the problem had fallen prey to this disease and have ruined their life. A learning handicap problem evaluation problem could have saved the suffering of their lives.Two very common symptoms are ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and ADD (attention deficit disorder) that may affect your child’s normal progress in his class in spite of the fact that children with these disabilities are generally very intelligent. Because of their inability of paying attention in the class they can not concentrate in their work and as a result they cannot stick on their work for long.Hence no one can judge what their capabilities are. Many times these children cause disruption in the class and their teachers tag them as trouble maker in the class with low intelligence, while the fact is that they are they children with very high intelligence and they have no control over their behavior. So if your child is showing these types of behavior, think of education handicap assessment, the children suffering from these disabilities quite often suffer from emotional setback. You have to build the confidence in him. You should make it clear to him that he is no less intelligent than other children neither he is different from other children.They might need a new methodology for learning. If you feel that the child is suffering from depression, seek advice from the school counselor. See if you can arrange some extra assistance for recovering from the emotional problems.

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