Monday, 7 November 2011

Global Environmental Issues

Factors affecting our environment and its ecosystem are endless. Insensitive human activity for one’s greed is the single most important reason for causing irreversible damages that are threatening the very existence of mankind. Every single environmental issue is intricately woven with another making it a very difficult to pin point one single cause/factor for the problem. Ignoring one has led to a series of chain reactions influencing our nature, fauna, flora, the natural resources available and humans as a whole.Pollution, deforestation and global warming are closely related yet becoming very difficult to manage. An alarming increase in usage of vehicles has caused tons and tons of toxic gases being released into the atmosphere. These gases are causing numerous respiratory problems to humans. They have also led to increased production of acid rains. These rains destroy fauna, flora and buildings directly affecting our lives in magnanimous proportions. Carbon dioxide is released in huge proportions into the atmosphere leading to global warming. An increase in temperatures have made summers increasingly unbearable than ever before. This has also caused melting of polar ice caps at an alarming rate. Deforestation has led to decreased rainfall causing droughts. Loss of plants has led to increased circulation of carbon dioxide, increased incidences of soil erosion causing flooding, decreased soil fertility and decreased food production.Over exploitation of natural resources like fossil fuels, water and chemicals has led to irreparable replacement making man highly needy thanks to his greediness. We are yet to find a substitute for these natural resources.Release of toxic effluents from factories without purification into water bodies, oil leakage and destruction of coral reefs, sea plants, excessive fishing has led to a water pollution crisis that is being extremely difficult to treat or reverse.

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