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Gome guangzhou air day strong words energy efficiency – atom embedded computer Manufacturer

appliances lakes ten thousand mile road, state how long the way the United States? I’m afraid one of us can not tell the country the United States.States took place in beauty only to see that day after day Zuili knife, week after week Soldiers fall in battle.

knife used to color TV, cell phone knife, or knife after the air conditioning, home appliance prices in the short run into knife!under each knifed have to buy appliances for saving money on the civilian population held the money, people go to the country so the U.S. did not regret.18 years, countless thousands of cutting knives, tens of thousands of knives, Gome Huang boss has finally become heroes generation of home appliances lakes, rivers and lakes to become the youngest richest of all the Martial, its situation many heroes, such as Lida Xia, He Daxia so.Taking advantage of long grass Lingnan birds are flying in March, last week in Guangzhou, China invited the U.S. heroes are 18 air-conditioning giant open symposium to discuss how this sword cut. Air-conditioning giant yell raw materials prices are also up air conditioning, do not cut down. But over the Assembly of States United States Lida Xia against all the odds: “Earth people like high-quality low-cost, in 2005 to cut!”So this week, another round of itinerant knife urgent!Spaces in Guangzhou, the U.S. military Lin Huiguo swallow 5.15 million air conditioners, air conditioner market in China in 2005 marked a fifth world, the country has been one of the United States.Good appetite for the country once the United States this week launched euphemistically called the “Air Day” in the capital generous “digest” air conditioning. Play now 31, Haier, Midea, Kelon, Oaks, TCL, Zhi Gao, Chun-lan, Panasonic, LG and other giants in the States United States aggressively cut ranging from 100 yuan to 2,000 yuan, the price generally declined 10%? 30%. In particular, a large number of less than 1,000 yuan special air-conditioning discharge gate. Gold medal, while maintaining quality, the National United States and the actual “words against” big power shortage and air conditioning energy consumption.Not only that, by March 1 Nisshin air conditioning energy efficiency standards for the implementation of national energy efficiency ratio of less than 2.6 U.S. will purge out all air-conditioned stores. The remaining stores in Kelon, Midea, Hisense, Haier, Panasonic, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Chunlan, TCL, LG air conditioning for more than 20 brands are in strict quality control in a hard way “through five passes, Killing Six, “the winner.States United States a green light, sure no problem!GOME guarding Beijing’s Wang Daxia has resorted trump card: a world-class level synchronization, high energy efficiency ratio reached 6.0 Kelon air-conditioning, air conditioning in the section on the straight down 2,000 yuan, sufficient for many to pursue energy conservation, healthy living people reap half a year ahead of refined living. The energy efficiency up to 7.0 Kelon air-conditioned double-effect the king began to fully accept the booking in the country the United States.States United States not only ruthless knife cut 2,000 yuan, also, as always in the air after sales, maintenance services spare article. As in “24-7-7 service project” (24 hours to install in place, seven free service, 7 1 project), based on further reduce installation time and improve installation quality, all sales of two or more air-conditioning, all presented air-conditioning special adapter plug.Do not underestimate the air knife. Knife strikes, stretching back 18 years have accumulated GOME internal strength, vigorous Surprised you get.Rivers and lakes has many knife: Bagua Dao, Hun Yuan knife, Tulong Dao, etc., but in all rivers and lakes knife, the country’s most beautiful sharp knife, such as myth. Country United States of knife called chaos cloak knife!So-called “arbitrary cloak” does not mean that knife frenzy like the wind, but the chaos that is hard to determine the tool path changes. Knife Pixiang air conditioning, murderous while Xixiang color TV, refrigerator, washing machine, an electrical Yi Gai should not escape.On this week’s air knife, Shun also cut plasma, LCD and other flat-panel TVs ranging from 800 yuan to 4,000 yuan a “meat”, cut the price several hundred dollars for kitchen appliances, “puffiness.” If the original 3,660 yuan of Shuaikang smoke, kitchen package cut 761 yuan, 3,385 yuan original owner of European cigarettes, stoves and other packages scored 735. Whereas the remaining prestige blade did not even miss the final prices have been clamoring refrigerators, washing machines, and then unceremoniously cut price of more than 10%.So-called “arbitrary cloak”, also refers to the study co-Royal those hundreds of millions of knives. GOME knife to cut a 18-year-old Kandao tens of thousands of knives, because the country for the civilian population, the United States, the average consumer exhaled a “rational consumption” of public support, to meet the “like high-quality low-cost Earth” will , of course, as the chaos of hundreds of millions of read cloak.So day after day, week after week, the National United States a round knife constantly, Chinese appliance price of water should be drained a little bit reasonable return.Itinerant itinerant children and old, indiscriminate cloak knife to cut how long? States United States one of us really can not tell.Country beauty only know the beginning of the martial arts of subversion. Asked to save more money the civilian population, the country the way the U.S. is doomed to insert a lengthy rivers and mountains! We are high quality suppliers, our products such as atom embedded computer Manufacturer , low cost mini pc Manufacturer for oversee buyer. 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