Friday, 11 November 2011

Heidelberg Speedmaster CD102 offset electrical control system – Heidelberg, Subaru – Printing Indust

s and early 20 century, the late Heidelberg The company has introduced the CPC (Computer PrintControl) computer print control system and the world’s first for monitoring, control and diagnostics of all digital printing press Electronic System?? CPTronic (CP window) press the central control system. CPC and CP window, in combination, greatly increased the ease of printing operation and reliability, making Heidelberg Offset Design More perfect. 20 years, Heidelberg CPC system through continuous improvement of development, formed, including CPC1 to electronic ink and register remote control device, CPC2 printing quality control system, CPC3 image plate readers and automatic register control CPC4 series of group pieces. In 1999, CP window derived from services for Internet users CP2000 system. The system will CP windows machine remote control and all-digital real-time CPC1-04 for the ink, register remote control system integrated in one, not only to retain the CP window is independent of the selected text in graphics display system, and ultimately customer service center Remote diagnostics Remote technical basis. As Printing Equipment Electrical maintenance personnel, to the printing press quickly when there is an electrical fault in a timely manner troubleshooting, problem solving, we must understand and become familiar with the electrical control system for printing. Here in my factory in 2000 on the introduction of the standard configuration CPC1-04 remote control systems and window systems CP Heidelberg Speedmaster (Subaru) CD102-4 four-color offset off, for example, analysis of the electrical machine control system. 1, CPC1-04 Remote Control System CPC1-04 remote control system is the basis for Heidelberg CPC system can display the console with all the notes on the Mexican institutions and the adjustment of plate cylinder bodies remote control, and with bright pen (6), operating memory (5) and match the graphics window with the CP Plasma Monitor (15). (10) is the ink zone LED display and ink volume adjustment button. LED display shows the ink fountain roller and ink film thickness distribution, CPC through the potentiometer to the location of the actual ink data back to the LED display. Press the “+” or “-” button to adjust ink fountain and ink fountain roller blade gap to increase or decrease the amount of ink. In addition, you can run out of document directly in the Mexican zone LED display on the pre-set ink. To ink data can be recorded through the operating memory to disk for later reprinting of such products is called. La version institutions operating through the register button, the servo motor implementation of the directive set by the potentiometer to a position where the data back to the console screen. (2) NTE is Power supply Socket plate, the power supply board NTK provides DC 5V, ± 8V, 12V and 24V voltage. (3) and (4) of the electrical control panel MOT, data recording board MWE, drive and interface board circuit board FKK TSK and the composition of ink fountain control ink fountain and ink fountain roller of small motors the radial and circumferential register motor control unit. (7) with the EPROM module control circuit board BEK and the CP window and optional accessories CPC42 register devices automatically connect, is CPC1-04′s “brain”, for receiving the circuit boards and modules from the data, computing and to issue control instructions. (8) BSM is a control unit interface module, through the joint socket CPC1-04 can be configured with choice of quality control unit connected CPC21. (9) FZT2 dwell volume adjustment button to connect. (11) rectifier modules with GSM coverage will come from alternating current into direct current transformer. (16) DNK to plasma display panels to provide power. (17) input / output module EAM digital / analog signal conversion. (18) shows the power DSK board with EPROM module and display software, used to control the plasma display. 2, CP window function CP main function of the window is completed CPC1, 2,3,4 than most operations, it makes all the features of digital offset printing presses. High-performance, fast response CP windows computer is the “heart” part, it presses in the intensive use of sensors, brakes and motor interaction, complete automation, plasma screen in the center console to display all operations related with information.

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