Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hewlett Packard (HP) Knows Technology

Bill & Dave – Garage business to world leaders in technology As the world largest producer of personal computers (PC’s) Hewlett-Packard or HP as they are known to their millions of customers, got it’s start in 1939. William Hewlett and David Packard, familiarly known as Bill and Dave, began the original company in the Palo Alto, California garage of Dave Packard with an initial investment of $538. They were both electronic engineers who graduated in 1935 from Stanford University. If the coin toss had turned out differently, the business would have become Packard-Hewlett instead of the other way around. They incorporated in 1947 and went public in 1957. The business of being big business Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA with offices worldwide, HP is considered to be the world’s largest technology company and the biggest seller of personal computers (PC’s), outselling their nearest competition, Dell. Their specialties include the manufacture and development of computers, network hardware, storage, and software for computers. Printers, scanners, digital cameras, electronic testing equipment, medical electronics equipment, among many other lines are included in the success of HP. Hewlett Packard out sells their competition by large margins in most any market they are in, keeping the position they’ve earned as largest technology company in the world.

HP and the early years Loaded with wide ranging ideas and intentions, the company began in somewhat unfocused directions but finally decided to concentrate on the high quality end of electronic testing and measurement equipment. Between the 40′s and the 90′s the concentration was on manufacturing quality electronic testing equipment such as voltmeters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, thermometers, frequency counters, wave analyzers, and other instruments. The company prided itself in having the most sensitive equipment of any in the market. 1960-1970 Considered the symbolic founders of the Silicon Valley era, HP made semiconductors aimed toward internal use, including use in calculators and instrumentation devices 1970-1980 ATM machines and gas pumps owe credit to HP for their screen labeled function keys which are seen everywhere on those machine interfaces. Working on stack based designs for business servers, HP continued on with the 9100A model being considered the first mass produced personal computer in 1968. This machine had a keyboard that appeared to be a mixture of adding machine and scientific calculator. There were no letters, just numbers. While working at HP, Steve Wozniak (who went on to be a co founder of Apple computers) designed the original Apple I. He then offered it to HP, giving them first right of refusal. They turned it down. 1980-1990 By 1984 Hewlett Packard had introduced laser and inkjet printers for desktop use. Next came desktop scanners and all in one devices capable of scanning, faxing, copying, and printing from the desktop PC. Much of the printing capability came from Canon components which got it from Xerox. 1990 and beyond The 90′s saw HP expanding their line of computers to reach every consumer and not just businesses. They bought up smaller computer manufacturers and grew tremendously. HP currently is the largest seller of personal computers for home use. Whether you are looking for designjet plotter repairs, or for HP printer repair in London, DiamondSource Ltd. are the specialists you need

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