Sunday, 13 November 2011

High-end Windows Energy Efficiency, Aesthetics, and Safety

Window designs are based on many distinct factors such as aesthetics, energy efficiency and safety. With these factors in mind, different designers attempted to invent window designs that possess all these features. The task is difficult; most window designs manage to excel in one area, but fail in the other two aspects. For example, a casement window looks good, but it is not energy efficient, serving as poor thermal regulators. The perfect window can be opened or closed to control the amount of light entering the room without having to sacrifice the ability to keep heat from entering or exiting the house, all while providing aesthetic appeal. Aesthetic superiority and safety are easy to accomplish through visual enhancement of the window structure and the presence of a lock system, but increasing heat regulation efficiency is tricky, as a window must still be able to provide lighting without blocking the light.

Today, there is now new type of window possessing all the three features, making it perfect for every structure. Designers call it high-end windows, as big houses and buildings in advanced cities like Los Angeles have begun replacing some of their windows with this type of window. High-end replacement windows are designed to extend from the wall by a certain distance to prevent too much heat from getting in or out of the building. Los Angeles replacement windows of this type begin are now popular both in commercial and residential buildings. Also, since the window is cantilevered from the wall, any attempt of burglary is difficult because of reduced access to the window panes. This is a brilliant type of Los Angeles replacement windows that can be designed with smooth bottom finishing to make it even harder to climb. A secondary door can also be installed at wall level for further security. A finished high-end window is aesthetically attractive. It exhibits a different kind of elegance that mixes old foreign influence and modernity. Nonetheless, Los Angeles replacement windows of this type are only preferable in highly elevated places, maximizing its security features. The construction is quite complicated, but the results are always well worth the trouble.

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