Sunday, 13 November 2011

Home and Energy Efficiency Tools

GU10 LED “>I think that everyone understands how the world is being affected by what we are doing to it. People don’t seem to care though, this is the problem, they know what is happening to the world and they know that if we all did our bit then we could really help. I think that people have developed a lazy attitude to most things. The world is becoming lazy and because of this people can’t be bothered to help the environment. There are things that we can do to help out the world but it needs to be a team effort and something that everybody does together. If we all work together then we will start to see and feel the benefits much quicker. Some of the things that we can all do in our homes is recycle, recycling is so important as we are running out of space to put our rubbish. There are many ways of recycling and many things that can be recycled. Plastics, food, garden waste, glass, clothing, furniture and much more. Water can even be recycled, rainwater can be collected and then used for a variety of purposes around the garden, you can water your plants when there is little rain fall, this will save water from your hose pipe, you could even fill up bird baths with it and sometimes even wash your car with it. With recycling the possibilities really are endless and if we all do it together then the world will become a much greener place.

There are other things that we can all do as well as recycling. In our homes we can become more aware of our energy usage by making sure that all lights and electrical items are turned off when they’re not in use. This will help to save you lots of money in your electricity bill. There are also new energy efficient light bulbs that can really help to save you lots of money. If you replace your existing bulbs with these energy efficient ones you will notice the difference immediately. These bulbs save up to ten times the amount of energy a normal bulb uses. They may be a little more expensive to buy at first however they will save you lots in energy bills. They will also last much longer than an ordinary bulb. You can feel good knowing you are helping the planet and doing your own bit even if nobody else can be bothered. For more information please visit GU10 LED

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