Saturday, 12 November 2011

Honor, Courage, Commitment…Test Yourself!

By Captain Mark D. Petersen-Overton, USN
These three words represent the U.S. Navy’s publicly declared “core values” and, of course, as an active duty Naval Officer, these words are pretty darn important to me. These “core values” can apply to Internet businesses as well. Let’s take them one by one:

Honor may be defined as honesty or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions. Pretty straight forward in business, right? If you want to stay in business, you will be honest. Crooks may win the short skirmish but will never win the war. Reputation is a powerful thing…even in this electronic environment. In fact, without personal contact, electronic reputation is even MORE important. It can make or break your Internet business. Get a reputation for being less than customer service oriented and you will struggle to overcome it.
So here is an Internet business honor test (it’s not good if you answer YES to any of these):
1. Do you remove subscribers only after they ask several times and pound on you and threaten to report you? 2. Do you spam? 3. Do you fail to provide your customers what they paid for? 4. Do use hype and inflated income representations as a marketing tool? 5. Are you in it just for the money? Are dollars more important than relationships? 6. Do you really think that today’s credit cards are works of art?
Courage may be defined as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc with firmness and without fear; bravery. Imagine those days when you are publishing your ezine and get 50 removes, no sales and one technical problem after another. 15 nasty e-mails arrive, using language that would even make even me (a sailor) blush…THAT is EXACTLY when you MUST have the courage to press on. THAT is exactly when you MUST do the boring, painful, dreary things that ensure your ultimate success.
So here is an Internet business courage test (it is not good if you answer NO to any of these):
1. Do you cheerfully acknowledge that a failed sales campaign or offer is not YOUR fault but the fault of the offer? 2. Do you work your business every day, every chance you get? Especially when you don’t want to? 3. Do you approach your Internet business as a professional person, taking the good with the bad, but never losing the ultimate focus of your business: Providing quality products at a fair price and keeping the customer satisfied no matter how annoying they he/she might be. 4. Do you answer every e-mail with decorum and professional courtesy? Even the morons who curse at you through three pages of foul language accusing you of all sorts of evil things. Are you still courteous and professional under those conditions?
Commitment may be defined as a pledge or promise, obligation. Commitment to yourself, your family, your aspirations–your Internet business; these are all commitments that are important.
So here is an Internet business commitment test (it is not good if you answer NO to any of these):
1. Do you keep trying…never giving up? 2. Do you see every set back as just another stepping stone along the path to your ultimate success? 3. Do you see every “no” as a natural thing, something you HAVE to have in order to take one step closer to the inevitable “yes?” 4. Have you committed adequate resources (money, time, and imagination) to your business start-up or to support growth?
Final words: Not much has changed, really. These are not big surprising revelations, here. Nothing fancy. Bad guys ultimately lose; good guys win in the end. Positive relationships on the Internet are critical to your success.
Internet Businesses are not THAT complicated. Here’s what you MUST HAVE to do make YOUR business succeed:
1. Something of value to sell. 2. Someone who believes in that value enough to be willing to give you money for it. 3. Repeat sales.
Do that in enough numbers and you will be fine. Of course it sounds pretty simple…but most Internet businesses are missing one or more of these…many are missing them all. Why…because it is hard and they do not know what to do! That is where I can help. I have a blueprint for Internet success, which spells these requirements out in more detail, which I will be happy to provide you (free). Just
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Captain Mark Petersen-Overton, USN is an active duty Naval Officer with 24 years of military service. Mark is also a part time author, Internet marketer and entrepreneur who specializes in assisting businesses expand their market into the Internet. His web sites, including ProfitStation (, ( and All-Prizes ( enjoy over three million annual hits.

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