Saturday, 12 November 2011

Low Calorie Pasta

Watching one’s calorie intake can directly affect weight gain and loss in the human body. People, like never before, have been drawn to live and eat healthier to promote long, full and happy lives. Unfortunately when doing this, many tasty foods must be neglected to watch calorie intakes. However, when searching for alternatives, finding different low calorie pastas is a great option.For many pasta lovers, this food group is a major part of the diet and one that is not easily cut out. One way to continue eating pasta while trying to watch calorie intake is to eat it plain. Most harmful calorie levels come from the sauces put on top of the pasta rather than the pasta itself. However, for someone who requires a topping, this will not suffice.In order to keep sauces in the pasta, different brands of low calorie pastas are now on the market. Low carbohydrate Asian noodles are now being produced by companies, like Shiritaki, which are serving to cut the levels of carbs and calories for each serving of pasta. Other American brands have also been made available such as Dreamfields or Smart foods.Combining low calorie pasta with healthy side dishes can be a tasty avenue to eat healthy. Cooking a variety of vegetable to put into stuff shelled pasta is a great substitute for other fatty and harmful choices. Pasta with chicken is also another healthy choice for diet that offers premium taste while watching calorie intake.Low calorie pasta has been created because people all over the world and in our country are trying to eat smarter and healthier. By eating pasta without sauce, low calorie pastas, and healthy side dishes, a person looking to control their calorie intake can keep eating food they enjoy. People can now enjoy pasta and rest assured that are not damaging their bodies at the same time.

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