Monday, 14 November 2011

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety – Stop Public Speaking Phobias

Did you know that the fear of speaking is rated second to the fear of snakes? The fear of death comes after it. This means that so many people are afraid to speak in public. If you afraid to speak in public, know that this is normal but you should also know that you must do something to overcome it. By overcoming public speaking anxiety, you will be able to succeed more in life.Those who are afraid of speaking in public sometimes feel nauseated or feel that they’ll faint minutes before they do so. Their heart beats faster and their mouth gets dry. This is very serious, if you think about it. Sometimes, once the person begins talking, his or her voice trembles and the whole body starts to shake. This results to the person stuttering and speaking rapidly.Speaking in public is an ordeal for those who are afraid to do so in the first place. Therefore it is very important to figure out ways on overcoming public speaking anxiety. But before this can be determined, you must ask why the person is afraid to speak in the public in the first place.Some will say that they are afraid to look foolish. They feel more anxious when they speak in public and their audience sees them as someone stupid. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case. They should feel more confident and know what they’re talking about.If they are able to do this, then this means that they are smart and knowledgeable of the subject matter. It’s true that humiliation can damage the person’s ego but the person can also get over it. He can look at the experiences as something that gave him a lesson of what not to do the next time he speaks in public.A way of overcoming public speaking anxiety is to just be prepared before speaking to the group. This has been discussed in the previous paragraph. The audience knows whether you, as the speaker, know what you are talking about or you’re just making it up.You shouldn’t leave nothing by chance as well. You can look at speaking in public as some kind of game and you’re there to win. You have to strategize and lay these all out.You need to have all your materials ready. Most importantly, you have to be sure of yourself. You can also cover all the bases.

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