Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Parenting Teenagers

Parenting teenagers can be something which parents may approach with a great deal of caution and even with downright apprehension. The fact that their own teenage years may have been rather challenging must make the parent of today’s teenager that much more apprehensive about managing the tantrums and desires of their teenage offspring. Will the parent be able to surmount the fear when their teenage children rebel, have hormones that are raging for more adventure, and showing attitude that defies logic leave alone comprehension?Yes, parenting teenagers is something that not many parents will take lightly and they will be faced with young budding teenagers having opinions about everything though not enough knowledge to guide them in the right direction. Certainly, bringing up teenage children is far from being a breeze, with tempers sure to fray and arguments erupting like bubbling volcanoes, parents will certainly have their task of parenting teenagers cut out for them. What wouldn’t a parent give for some written information or a guide to steer them through this particularly troublesome phase in bring up their teenaged children. There is need to know when your teenaged child is feeling blue or even depressed. Parenting teenagers would be all the more richer if there were some guidelines to get over those troubled times.Fortunately, parenting teenagers can be a rewarding task if parents stick to some simple guidelines. First off, as a parent you should realize that they do have certain amount of power in their hands and even their teenaged child would have to admit it is so. Thus, being a role model for teenagers rather than giving ultimatums would help you tide over teenage crises and also make your task that much easier and simplified. Next, you don’t have to have tight apron strings as this is a time in the life of teenagers when they need some latitude to find their own identity. As a parent, you need to find the right balance so that the teenager can develop his/her own identity and yet be controlled by the parent. It may be easier said than done; but, it is still the right step in the right direction. Another tip for parenting teenagers is to stay alert and realize that this phase in parenting could be the most difficult of all which you as a parent must always be aware of. You should be on your toes and elicit from your teenaged wards any secrets and inner thoughts that are being concealed from you. You don’t have to snoop on them, but just be alert and ready to get the teenager to be frank about whatever hidden thoughts are going on in those young and impressionable minds.And, when they do open up, parenting teenagers means opening up your ears and heart to give them a fair and impartial hearing. Given the general incommunicativeness of teenagers, you should be adept at listening and picking up nuances and following their hints to get to the heart of the matter.Without a doubt, parenting teenagers is a challenge to be faced by every parent and with proper guidance, the fruits of your efforts, though not immediately visible in the near term, will certainly come to fruition later on in life and thus you will have got your reward for laboring tirelessly during these early and impressionable years.If you are a Brahmin parent looking for brahmin brides or grooms please check the url

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