Friday, 18 November 2011

Patent Alberta – Importance of Patents To New Inventions In Alberta

Patent Alberta is important to inventor that resides in Alberta as it gives them protection from other people that would try to make, use and sell the invention without the knowledge and approval of the patentee. It is a right that only given to the original creator by the law, from preventing anyone to sell or use whatever the patentee has patented.

Keep in mind that the rules of every country when it comes to patent differs, but whatever the difference there is still one thing that will never be changed and that Patent Alberta is created to protect only the person that has applied first and has been granted the rights to the invention.

Exclusivity is the key word that best describes patent, as the law grant exclusivity to the patent holder. In other words, the law grants the patentee to prevent anyone it wants to use, sell or copy the invention according to the laws covered by the country that has given the patent.

Take note as well, patent coverage is in accordance to the rules laid down by the country that issued the rights of exclusivity as every laws differs in ever country, so if there is a slight difference then a patent lawyer Alberta can help you with it. By the way, an invention under the law defined as something “new”, whether the invention is a device, machine, system, method or even a composition just develop or created by the inventor.

For clarification, and help you out the composition mentioned earlier is a chemical and the process or methods are steps used to act on a particular object to get a result. However, as said before there are certain things that does not need patent and this are schemes, methods of treatment, business plan and other methods that uses the professional skill of a person are considered by law as not patentable.

Patent is important if you want to protect your invention. In fact, it is so vital that often time’s inventors would race one another to be the first, as any invention that falls into the category accepted by the patentable matter and the first of its kind is the one granted the exclusive right to the invention. 

If you are unsure whether your invention is patentable matter or not, then it is wise to consider a patent lawyer Alberta. The law as said before is different from one country to another and so if you want to get a patent in Canada then applying in that country is important, which a lawyer that resides and understand the laws of Canada as well as regulations should be the person you need to get help from.

The explanation of patent is so vast that anyone could misinterpret it, so getting a good patent lawyer could help you determine if you have a right to your invention as well as sell or used it. In addition, a patent lawyer could also duly inform you of your rights as well as how the patent can protect your new invention. You should also know that patent is recognized and implemented strictly in Alberta, as inventor help Alberta with their new inventions.

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