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Expert advice on how to prepare for GK section of MBA exams

While preparing for MBA entrance exams, the aspirants concentrate majorly on Quant section, Verbal Ability and DI& LR. But General Awareness or GK, which is also an essential part for many of the MBA Entrance examinations, is often neglected. In this article of, we talk about the MBA entrance exams which have a section on General Awareness and the method of preparation.

General Knowledge or General Awareness is a section which checks an individual’s I.Q level along with his awareness for the Current affairs that are happening around him. There are various MBA Entrance exams that include G.K as an essential section of their entrance examination and thus it must not be treated lightly as it can play a deciding role for your dreams.

Some of the various national level MBA Entrance exams that include General Awareness section are IIFT, SNAP, MICAT and MAT.

IIFT – IIFT has a section on general awareness as a part of its 120 minutes entrance exam. In IIFT 2010 paper, out of 135 questions this section had 30 questions. Marks per question was 0.4, hence the total marks was 12. The questions were from traditional as well as dynamic GK. There were questions from business, Country-Capital-Currency-Parliaments, Current Affairs, Locations of International Organizations and Economics etc.

SNAP – SNAP is the entrance exam for Symbiosis institutes. SNAP also consists of a section on general awareness. In SNAP 2010, out of 150 questions, the General Awareness section had 40 questions of one mark each. The section had a good mix of current affairs and static GK questions.

MICAT – MICAT is the entrance exam for Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad (MICA). The exam has a section on General Awareness. In MICAT 2011, there were 25 questions in this section. The questions appeared from the areas of marketing, advertising, media, general knowledge and general global awareness.

MAT – MAT consists of a section on General awareness. MAT February 2011 had 40 questions in this section out of 200 total questions. The questions were on Economics, Current Affairs, Awards and Prizes, Indian Constitution, Business and Sports.

Preparing for General Awareness section
For the purpose of preparing for this section there is no conditioned method. You have to keep yourself up to date as to what’s happening around you and be aware about the current affairs, whether National or International.

According to the experts, the best way to prepare for general awareness is by regularly reading newspapers, political and business magazines. “Preparing for general awareness section is not a one or two month activity, it is a process. General knowledge and awareness needs to be built in course of time,” says Vinayak Kudva, Product Head, IMS Learning.

Suggesting on the preparation for General Awareness, Manish Saraf, COO, PT Education says, “To improve general knowledge for written exam as well as the GDPIs keep a close watch on the major political, corporate, sports, economy, national-international events for last one year.”

Many of the MBA entrance exams ask questions on advertisements, current awareness etc. Hence, one should also watch television in a disciplined manner so that you don’t miss out on these details. “Watching informative TV channels like Discovery, National Geographic etc. and news channels are also useful in this regard,” said Manish Saraf, COO, PT Education.

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