Thursday, 17 November 2011

Getting Your Toddler Out of Diapers

One of the things you are almost guaranteed to succeed in child training is potty training. After all how many teenagers do you see in diapers? Thus, the following tips on potty training are simply guidelines on how to go about and not so much on how to succeed. Going straight into the tips on potty training, the first thing you will want to do is evaluating your child’s understanding of verbal skills. If the child is able to understanding basic verbal instructions and carry them out, the child may be ready to start on out on potty training. Since toddlers love to do things on their own and will sometimes resist if you try, say to pull their pants, consider starting the training from that perspective. Consider also how long the child can go without his or her pants getting soiled. If their bladder and bowels are adequately developed, the child may stay for 2 or 3 hours without wetting themselves and they might as well be ready to start being trained on how to use the potty. This may not be one of the unique tips on potty training but it is an important step – getting a number of potties. Having 2 or 3 potties around the home is important especially during the times when you really need one. Modeling behavior using dolls is one of the training methods used in child rearing. While many people may consider it as silly to include doll training as part of the tips on potty training, it is nevertheless a great way to teach the child what should be done. This mode of training can be enhanced by having a sticker placed on the wall chart recording the doll’s progress. Get a party for the doll once it has been trained. This form of training will help the toddler to realize that potty training is a happy and a fun experience.Once the toddler starts out on using the potty, its time to throw away the diapers. While a good number of parents may be reluctant to take this step, it is one of the best tips on potty training despite any future accidents. The goal is to get the toddler on the potty and keeping diapers around will stall him or her taking the next step. There are many tips on potty training that you can find. The goal of each of the above tips is to get the child out of the pants into the potty.

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