Thursday, 17 November 2011

Guild Leveling System and Achievement

Socially-driven players are looking forward to the new guild-leveling system, which will share some of the guild mechanics that have already existed in other MMOs for years now. This is another great example of horizontal expansion, and it’s one of the reasons why the Cataclysm expansion also represents the culmination of many long-awaited features that players have been requesting for years. Guild members will finally have the ability to work together for common goals other than just PvE and endgame raiding. Players will collectively help to “level” their guild from 1 to 20 by performing a variety of tasks, including member leveling, PvP, boss kills, daily quests and more. As buy wow gold players advance their guild’s level (the top 20 earners per day will contribute to the guild’s “XP pool”), special abilities will be unlocked that will benefit all guild members. At BlizzCon, some of the examples tossed around were cheaper repair bills, increased gear durability and the wow gold cheap ability to mass-resurrect entire groups of players. Since then, three abilities have been confirmed: “Everybody’s Friend” removes the need for reagents, “Cash Flow” increases the coin drop from all kills and “Penny Pincher” reduces the cost of repairs by 10 percent. We also learned that guild “currency” will be obtained via guild world of warcraft gold experience, which can be used to purchase things like “heirloom patterns,” vanity items and more. The heirloom patterns will allow crafted heirloom gear to be “guild-bound” and sharable among members. Even though we still don’t have many buy cheap wow gold details, we do know that entire guild system will receive additional enhancements. Tom Chilton confirmed that Blizzard is working on the ability for a “guilds transfer” service, and the game systems panel recap at the official BlizzCon site previews guild-wide achievements, new profession mechanics and more.

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