Monday, 17 October 2011

Current Affairs and General Knowledge for that competitive edge

General Knowledge is a very wide spectrum of knowledge to adhere and maintain. While it may sound very funny, once a great man also said that it is never treated as if it were general at all, and the books and portals of general knowledge supply were mostly accentuating the levels of complexity of the questions so as the stay apart from the rest and thus pip the competition.

Current Affairs and General Knowledge have been a fledging vantage of business for many institutions and publications. Thanks to the really heavy weightage of GK and current affairs in the questionnaire of major public service government exams and qualifying for such exams has been a quintessential part of a major percentage of graduate passed youths over the past 2 decades. We find various tuition services and books on general knowledge including chronicalized details of the year or as a form of a yearbook.

But, to come to think of it, general knowledge is more easily available to us daily in the form of a newspaper or that very news channel which runs the latest updates across the world. Yet, we find it hard to keep a very stable and accessibly comprehensive tab on this huge plethora of information. Most of the time, even the best candidates, are involved in mugging of GK questions from yearbooks and current affairs books, simply for the sake of exams.

Technically, our conscious memory can be strengthened by such tactics, but it’s better if we at least attempt to use the power and ability of subconscious working too. Instead of mugging, we may find better solutions. How about reading the newspaper daily, but to keep a tab of it, subscribe to some innovative website or mobile app which would provide a daily dose of bulletins! Thus, the refreshment and revision of the information happens naturally and yields better results.

General Knowledge and Current affairs are important also to maintain that competitive edge over the co-workers. They prove instrumental in tricky situations, and they serve as great tools to get the prized trust and attention of the boss.

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