Sunday, 30 October 2011

Industrial Design

These past decades, we can’t seem to be satisfied with the latest developments in technology. We want newer, more affordable, and better-looking products than before. Even if these aren’t necessities, we can’t seem to live peacefully without buying something new on the market. This is why companies keep on producing objects to sustain our needs. But how can companies create something out of the blue? Industrial design helps with the creation of new products. Industrial design is improving a concept made the original “thinker.” The job of an industrial designer is to use this concept and make it more optimize the use of the concept, enhance its appearance, and create a better value for the product. In industrial design, both the manufacturer and the buyers of the product or system gain from it. The manufacturer is able to earn more because of the profitability of the product and the consumers benefit from the innovative use of item.So what does an industrial designer really do? They are often confused with product designers, but they are different mainly because industrial designers work with the human aspects of the product, instead of really manufacturing it. Industrial designers research and analyze data carefully to know what will benefit man the most. They see how the product can be harmless in terms of the materials used. They change and manipulate the color, form, and try to minimize the cost of the development. Also, they take note of the environmental effect it might have. They have to make sure that it’s safe for both the environment and the people who are going to use it.The job of an industrial designer is really hard. They have to be engaged in different activities like designing the product and researching about human society and human’s interaction with machine. Just to let you know how important industrial designers really are, let me enumerate some products they help make: housewares, electronic instruments, cars, appliances just to name a few. As you might have noticed, most if not all the time, these products are safe and useful. That’s thanks to the industrial designers who take their jobs seriously.

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