Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cute Halloween Costumes for Babies & Toddlers

What are you going to don your little snickerdoodle into this Halloween? You can’t let your baby boy or baby girl go around with no costume. Boo hoo. Toddler fancy Halloween costumes are one of the big joys of a young parent’s life. Halloween is the great opportunity for them to dress up their babies with cute and adorable Halloween costumes. Transform your baby like a cute little Lion King, or your little angle into a sweet little honey bee, choices are many. Here are some adorable costumes for little ones that are sure to garner endless “Awws” this Halloween. Baby Blossom and Queen Bee

Just imagine how your boy will look in this beautiful Baby Blossom Toddler Costume and girl in this Queen Bee Infant Costume. Really these are so cute and very affordable when shop from Barnes & Noble store. Animal Inspired Costumes Every parent knows that in which animal inspired costume his/her baby will look best. Animal inspired Halloween costumes are as always popular and look adorable on little ones. These two are Lil’ Elephant Elite Collection Infant Costume and Lil’ Monkey Elite Collection Toddler Costume. Perfect for your naughty elephant or monkey! Movie Inspired Halloween Costumes Parents can also dress up their babies like famous cartoon or movie characters. These two costumes are inspired from kids two most popular animated movies; The Lion King and another one is inspired from Monsters Inc. Baby Bat and Baby Pumpkin Costumes This little bat is just ready to fly for trick-or-treating. Baby Pumpkin costumes is another too-cute idea for infant’s Halloween. Orange and black colors with cute rounded cap give an adorable look to your baby. Baby Owl and Baby Bee Choose that costumes which perfectly reveals your baby’s cuteness and innocence. Dress up your little girl like a baby owl or baby bee with these Baby owl costume and Baby Bee costume, available at Pottery Barn store. If you’ve ever shopped for baby’s Halloween costumes, you know the good ones always sell out quickly. So, if you want to shop these adorable Halloween costumes, head towards Pottery Barn Kids store and Barnes & Noble store. Take advantage of Pottery Barn Kids coupons or Barnes and Noble coupon code at checkout to order Halloween costumes or other products from these stores at discounted prices.

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