Sunday, 16 October 2011

Do you know about Kopi Luwak Coffee

Having a cup of coffee is anyone’s idea of unwinding ideally. Just one cup of rich coffee can evaporate all your fatigue, more so if the coffee flavour is exclusive. If you have not tasted coffee flavours indigenous to Indonesia or Philippines, you apparently know very little about coffee and how to relish it. Such coffee varieties are very expensive, thanks to their exclusivity and very limited production. In fact, the Kopi Luwak Coffee price just might surprise you; it’s being the costliest coffee in the world.

The coffee from Indonesian Archipelago is called Kopi Luwak Coffee. While Kopi means Coffee in local language, Luwak is the name of an Asian Civet found in the region. The cat-like animal is not found elsewhere in the world.

Also known as Philippine Civet Coffee, the popular exotic coffee is prepared in the weirdest of manner. The Civets found in Philippine tend to eat raw red coffee cherries. While the entire cherry is digested, the coffee beans are defecated as it is by the cats. However, the excreted coffee beans anyways pass through the digestive system of the Civet and hence get fermented inside their stomach. Such defecated coffee beans are only meticulously collected by the locals and sold to the dealers, who in turn package it into Kopi Luwak Coffee.

The excellent aroma of the coffee does justice to the high Kopi Luwak Coffee price. So, whether you wish to try it out or relish it again and again; you can always order the exotic Philippine Civet coffee online through one of the websites specialising in exotic/rare coffee varieties supply.

As you would search for Philippine Civet Coffee, you would realise that different websites offer different Kopi Luwak Coffee price. This is because barring a few; others procure the stock of this exotic coffee variety with the help of a middleman. This is why the price of coffee with them is much higher than few select websites. So, you must try to find such dealers who maintain the quality stock of Kopi Luwak and Kona Hawaii minus the mediators. This way, you always buy the quality coffee variety for a reasonable price.

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