Monday, 17 October 2011

Dowels and Easter Crafts

Dowels are frequently a staple when it comes to woodworking and crafting. Favorably, they may be purchased relatively inexpensively, too. This makes crafting any number of projects both possible and enjoyable. Woodworking and crafting projects that use dowels can range from simple to extravagant. With Easter quickly approaching, why not find some appropriately themed creative uses for dowels? One such simple projects is a wall display that can be used to present Easter gift baskets.Determine the size of the wall display you would like to have, and use that information to then determine the dimensions of both the wooden base and the dowel cuts you will need. Using a drill, drill appropriately sized holes into which the dowels will fit.Drill hanging hardware into the back of the wooden base. Doing so at this point makes the process a little simpler, as the base will be able to lie flat. (Once the dowel cuts are inserted and glued, the process may become a little more challenging.) Before inserting the dowels into the holes drilled into the wooden base, use sandpaper to smooth or even round the ends which will be exposed. Depending upon your experience in woodworking, as well as the simplicity or sophistication with which you may wish to craft, you may choose to apply wood dowel caps to the exposed end of each dowel. The effort and aesthetics are completely up to the crafter.Next, paint the wood. Choose traditional pastel colors or more contemporary, vibrant colors. Or you may choose to base paint the wooden base a solid color, such as white, and paint each dowel a different color. Use your imagination!Once the paint has dried, place several drops of wood glue into each drilled hole, and then insert each wood dowel section. Allow the wood glue ample time to dry so that the dowel is firmly secured in the wooden base.Once the wood glue has dried, hang the completed project on the wall, and add an Easter gift basket to the dowel for a beautiful presentation.When Easter has passed, use the completed project as a wall-hanging children’s coat/jacket rack or a backpack, carrying bag, or handbag rack.Some variations for this project may include using ribbon to wrap each dowel with a bilateral length extending below. Visit your local craft store for Easter materials that may be hot glued at intervals on, or to the bottoms of, the dangling ribbon. Or, use pastel colors to creatively paint wooden letters which spell out the word Easter. Add painted dots in the shape of Easter eggs, small bunny rabbits, or flowers for a more seasonal touch to the project. Then, tie the letters to the hardwood dowels using either ribbon or another tying material of your choice that works well with the project. Depending upon the hanging material used, hot glue may be necessary to arrange the letters or to affix other objects.With very little time, expense, and imagination, you can create clever projects for the Easter holiday that may be functional throughout the remainder of the year, too.

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