Saturday, 29 October 2011

Finding the Right Pizza Making Supplies

With the right pizza making supplies, one of the main staples of the American household can be made right in your own home. The biggest problem with pizzas these days is that the prices of pizza parlors are getting higher and higher, even if you buy those take-n-bake pizzas. With the right pizza supplies, you can not only make pizzas at home much cheaper, but healthier because you put on your own toppings. You can make pizzas with whole wheat dough, or even Gluten free dough for those that have special dietary needs. You can substitute pork sausage and pepperonis for more nutritional turkey based ingredients, skim milk cheeses, and add as many toppings as you like. There is some essential pizza making supplies that you are going to need to make the perfect pizza. One of them is the pizza stone. These are flat ‘stones’ that can be made from a variety of materials, even real stone. The idea is that these stones serve two purposes. One of them is that they provide a much more even cooking surface, whether you are cooking in a conventional oven, or even on the grill. They also absorb the moisture from the dough as it cooks, giving you a nice crispy, fully cooked crust. You also don’t have to use them just for pizza either; they can be used to put a crispy crust on a variety of flat breads, and other baked goods. Other pizza supplies that you can buy if you can’t get a hold of a stone is a good round pizza pan, one that has holes in it to help the pizza cook more evenly. You also want one that is going to stand up to cutting your pizza, which we will get too shortly.

If you decide to buy a stone, you are going to need other pizza making supplies, such as a pizza peel. A pizza peel is a handle with a flat plate on the end of it, essentially a giant spatula. They can be made from a variety of materials, wood and metal are the most popular. Wood tends to absorb some of the moisture from the pizza, so you may need to coat it with a light dusting of corn meal, but not too much or your pizza crust is going to taste like corn meal. Metal peels are often more popular, because of how easily they are able to transfer your pizza to and from the pizza stone. Both of these pizza supplies can be found online, but you have to be careful that they are made from high quality materials, in order to last the test of time. One of the most essential pizza making supplies is of course the pizza cutter. There are many different kinds of cutters, but two of the most used ones are the pizza wheel cutter, and the rocking cutter. The wheel is a large metal wheel knife with and handle, which glides easily through just about any size or thickness of crust. The rocking cutter is basically a large knife, with a curved cutting blade. You simply set the cutter down in the middle of the pizza and make a rocking motion, cutting through the pizza crust. There are some disadvantages of using a rocking cutter. One of them is that some pizzas are going to be larger than the actual cutter, and since they are large, they can be hard to store, even with a hole in it for hanging. These are some of the pizza supplies you are going to need.

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