Thursday, 27 October 2011

Link Popularity – How to Develop Increased Traffic Through Social Bookmarking

One of the top methods used today to develop and increase website traffic and link popularity is through social bookmarking. The remaining naysayers believe that social marketing is a total waste of time and not worth the effort. After the huge growth of such sites as twitter and Facebook and they’re claiming use among big businesses people still think that social media marketing and networking is a fad.There is no need for any Internet online marketer to develop user accounts on every single social networking site in existence, but creating profiles on the top social bookmarking sites is one of the best methods and strategies you can use for online marketing.If you ever try to eat and keep track of the growing number of social news sites online you will not have any other time left in the day to do anything else for your business. That is why it’s only important to have profiles on say the top 30 to 50 sites. This still may sound like a large amount to some people but if you use a tool such as OnlyWire or ping.FM once you have developed all of your profiles and entered in your passwords and usernames into the interface all you have to do is click one icon on your browser toolbar in your content will be automatically submitted to between 30 and 50 different social bookmarking sites. What better way to develop link popularity through social bookmarking.Online today is growing more evident that people only buy from those who they know, like and trust. In order for you to develop that was in your subscribers and customers you need to continually provide valuable content rich and targeted keywords and phrases which your market is using during their online searches in the top search engines such as Google. Using online tools such as the Google keyword tool you will easily be able find out what these words and phrases are what your market is using. By peppering them with you in your content that you either have on your website, blog or online articles you are submitting to online article directories you will not only developed a greater online presence but also provide valuable content which when deemed as valuable by your target niche market will lead them to possibly bookmark the page thus creating greater link popularity for your webpage or sales page and develop increased traffic.Some strategies to use when using bookmarking sites as a method to develop link popularity are:1. Only use a handful of popular sites to place your links on.2. Use specific keywords and phrases within your content which will make it more attractive and valuable to your target niche market.3. Develop blog content not only on your own personal blog but attempt to also become a guest blogger on other popular sites with a high page ranking.4. Use plugins on your WordPress blog if that is what you are using such as the RELOADED plugin offered on for free download. By using this your content readers will be able to automatically post a bookmark on the majority of the most popular social bookmarking sites.By using the above four strategies not only will you personally develop more back links to your website and sales pages but your viewers, readers, subscribers and customers who read your content when they believe is valuable in nature and want to share with others will be inclined to post it to those bookmarking sites they have an account on. If you are out to attract prospective customers and develop your online presence and exposure, you owe it to yourself and the financial future of your business to learn everything you can about Internet marketing.Want to learn more Internet marketing techniques on how to build a successful businesses online?If so, read about and download my brand new free ebook 27 Habits of Internet Marketing Super Stars

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