Sunday, 30 October 2011

List Building – The importance of having a list and nurturing your list.

List Building – The importance of having a list and nurturing your list is something I had neglected for years. Hello my name is Jes Guzman and I’ve been helping newcomers and beginning Internet Marketers in creating and developing their very first Web Presence the correct way and the successful way.

When I first started surfing the web and looking for any business opportunities that came my way, I simply thought that signing up as an affiliate for a product with a -œFREE- website was all it took. WRONG!!! Many people think that by becoming an affiliate of a product, with a cool looking site, and then killing yourself trying to bring traffic to it, will bring in huge profits – 123. Maybe that might have been the case about 10 years ago, only if you promoted -˜till your fingers fell off or spent a fortune on sophisticated software. Internet Marketing today simply just doesn’t work that way. You need to educate, understand and then implement what you have learned from someone who is already doing it successfully and follow a proven process that really works. You can literally spend weeks, months and even years, like I did when I first started, trying to learn everything and wind up with -œINFORMATION OVERLOAD- I was so bombarded with so much information I didn’t know if I was coming or going. I was looking for a way to get rich quick and then listening to -œget rich quick- hype that to this day is still stalking the Internet every where you look. As I mentioned before, it is educating, understanding and implementing a successful process that will not make you rich over night but realistically develop and grow in a natural and organic way. Following this process will not only enable you to start making money online, but will teach you skills you thought were never possible to achieve and also have fun doing it along the way. There’s enough of the Internet Pie for everyone as long as you do it correctly, follow the process and nurture your list! Author: Jes Guzman

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