Saturday, 29 October 2011

Financial Aid Formula – Is Your College Financial Aid Formula Good Enough

Most often than not, scholarships awarded by colleges and private institutions require applicants to fill up the EFC form so that they can state how much their parents earns and whether or not the applicant should get the scholarship. These are just one of the many documents interested applicants should apply. There are other documents that require students and parents to calculate the tuition for the entire year and whether or not the budget allocated for them can cover all necessities. Most of these details are covered by the financial aid formula itself.

The most common amount for contribution is usually 20% of what they own, while the parents must be able to provide 5.6% of their total assets in a year or so. These numbers are used to tell whether an applicant should be given a chance to avail of free education. Usually, those who earn more than the average Joe do not get qualified by the program, while some are simply requested to just try out another form of financial aid instead. The financial aid formula calculates not just the amount or the budget a certain scholarship provides, you will also have to state how much you own, what your most valuable properties are, your sources of income, your investments, businesses, and other details. From this amount, you also need to identify your general cost of living. This form is re-submitted for each year you are under the scholarship program.

A properly planned financial aid formula answers questions such as: how much will my scholarship program provide me for loans or have they allocated a certain amount for me to borrow and use for other things that are not school related? Can my scholarship program cover everything, from tuition down to books and other school materials? Finally, if I loan a certain amount from the school, how much time am I given to pay it?

The financial aid formula is a long process and it would take you a lot of time to calculate various amounts and secure certain documents, but at the end of the day, it is all worth it. Everything you are working on will support your college education and your chances of qualifying for scholarship programs.

In case you encounter certain obstacles in preparing your financial aid formula, do not hesitate to ask your parents, the sponsors of your desired scholarship program, the State Department of Education, your school, or even online resources. When preparing the documents needed for your financial aid formula, you might need all the help you can get.

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