Sunday, 30 October 2011

List Building – Best Traffic Source for List Building

By now, you should have heard a lot of internet marketers say that the money is on the list. From personal experience I would definitely say to you that they are right. Building a list is going to be one, or if not, the most important asset of your business. In fact if you want to succeed online, then you need to have a list of subscribers and in order to build that list, you need traffic to your site. Now any type of traffic won’t do it because you need traffic that will convert to sales.What type of traffic source should you use to build your list?I would definitely recommend article marketing.Why?Because article marketing would give you the most qualified leads.Think about it for a moment. There are tons of articles going around the web, so if a visitor decides to take a look at your article, then that person has shown some interest in your work. He or she felt curious about what your expertise or opinion is on the subject. This action would then take them to a whole new screening process that would end up with them opting in to your list if they are really interested in what you could offer to them.Now between the first step for someone to become a subscriber to your list and actually having them opt in to your list, there are other screening processes that will go around, which will make your lead the most qualified.So first like explained above, the visitor need to feel curious about your article which will make them click. Then they would read your whole article, which is the second filter they would face. If they thought the article was really good and that you provided good information, they would look at your author’s box or bio box. Your visitor reading the bio box would be the third filter, because if they still think you could provide them with something they want, then they would click through to your site, where you will show them your squeeze page and a special offer for them. Now this is the last filter on your process. If they opt in, then that means that they really liked how show them the information.This last action makes them the most qualified lead you could get because they need to go through a total of 4 different steps for them to be on your list. That is why article marketing is the best traffic source for building leads. Now this is also a numbers game because the traffic per article you will get tends to be slow compared to other traffic sources like pay-per-click or banner advertising, but if you manage to get a good number of articles on the web, then the traffic would start to increase exponentially. The extra effort is really worth it.

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