Saturday, 1 October 2011

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review After 4 Days Of Usage

Coffee Shop Millionaire Review after 4 Days of Usage

Coffee Shop Millionaire is the complete and easy way of making money online with little or no effort. This has been tested and approved by a trusted online company that focuses on consumer products. They is no other make money online system that I know of that have undergone such stratigient testing. This eliminates a sticky issue that worries a lot of online consumers, scam.

Scam is very rife in this line of business and most people get scammed by the fly-by-night products or sellers who have real value product.

Now after 4 days of using coffee shop millionaire i have to realise that coffee shop millionaire is nothing like any other make money online product, infact the whole idea is based on how coffee shops operates, they are very profitable and are always in high demand.

When I heard first about coffee shop millionaire i was very confused, because i really did not understand a thing about this product.

First Day Of Usage

I installed the whole software watched the video, and really thought i have to open a coffee shop, but I was wrong, so i read some more and understood the concept, I set up the websites, that were really easy to do, even some with no HTML coding skills can do. After a couple of minutes I checked my stats and I have already made a few cents, $45.00, this was not enough so I told my self try harder and increase the number of sites to earn more.

Second and Third Day

This is where everything changed , after what i did on the first day and scaling it up by increasing the number of sites, I looked at how I can really make a killing. This led me to create a couple of auto-blogs, moniterise them with Google adsense and infolinks and within a couple of hours i was registering a couple of thousands. Now this has made me money i thought was impossible to earn. Still not entirely satisfied I looked at how I can make more money with this, I am still evaluating and testing to see which option is viable and will bring in the bacon.

Forth Day

Though this day is been kinda quite, considering its Sunday i made a couple of bucks, which are not at all impressive, but its better than nothing. I am starting to really like this program and I will surely not stay without it. My most fear is that i might not wake up in the morning and see more money as the excitement keeps me awake all night long. If you have made your first $1000.00 online you will know how it feels like, but if not then you have nothing to worry as I am sure you will reach that thresh-hold in a very short period of time, give or take 4 days like me.

Vedict For Days 5 and Onwards.

I have to say in less than a month i will be make probably $1000.00 a day guaranteed, that’s my goal and funny thing is you can make more in less than 24 hours, but this is a way for me to set realistic goals that i am sure i will be able to reach.

For everyone else who has been struggling to make money online, i am proud to say coffee shop millionaire is here and its going to make you a lot of money like it does for me. hopeful in less than 4 days you will reporting better earnings than mine.

check out Coffee Shop Millionaire here and make a lot of money.

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